Monday, June 30, 2008

Divine Intervention

There has been times in life, we blamed all adversaries to injustice of life
We blamed our ill fortunes, we blamed our karma, and anything else, without repercussion
Its easier than to admitting our lack of effort, our limited academic excellence, self confidence
We are just been human after all.

There are those who spent monies on checking their past life, reading astrological reports
To catch a glimpse of our previous life, and hoping to find a guide to present
If we have done wrong, now is time to make amends, and make peace with .. someone
We are just been human after all still.

When all logical explanations done and still no answers found
We might find some consolation in the divine intervention
Whether we whole heartedly believe in its predictions
Whether we shrugged off the truth or the false
At the end, we are all just looking for ourselves in everything around us.

We want to believe there is a purpose for our existence on earth
There is a reason that we are alive, yet struggling to make ends meet
Are we believing in the sequence of consequences
Are we been hard on ourselves, and giving ourselves false hopes
Are we searching at the right place but at the wrong time
Or at the right time, at the wrong placement.

Ambiguousity haunts us the deepest when things go wrong and thoughts went astray
Nightmares follow, with series of events that subconsciously play in our minds at night
There seems to be no peace, even when we shut eyes.

We are trying extremely hard to diagnose the divine intervention
We are fervently praying for answers and guidance from the supreme forces
But unfortunately, we never took the time to look around us for clues
We are paid to gain experience, which we can learn so much
We are given a free hand, to create both happiness and sadness
We have friends, whom we can count on for some assistance
I think we are just human after all, taking things for granted.

Just take five .. that is as short as it takes to entwine with divine intervention.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life at a Glance

This morning, a friend sorta browse through my palm, and gave me some insights:-

1 - will have 2 lovers in my life
I am trying to figure out, who- whether they came and left, or they are still waiting for me (fat chance)
2 - one of them lovers, I will love for eternity
Well, I believe in eternity, so that is obvious.
3 - there is split personalities
Ooops this sounds pretty dangerous. Or is it not normal, we have both the dark and angelic side to us? I have all my life tried to be the best person for everyone else, but it is situation/circumstances that made the worst of us. This I do believe. But life is still far ahead (I think)
4 - there is a suicidal tendency
With so much going on in life, it is difficult to to contemplate with death (that is suicidal).
Since the price of flour, rice gone up; and then fuel price shot up the roof. Why not the suicidal rate?

With this insight, I will definitely continue to do what I have been doing:-
1 - LIve life to the fullest, as if tomorrow will never come.
2 - Do good, and not to resolve to evil.
3 - Love with all my heart and soul, and love with utmost trust and loyalty.
4 - Have no regrets in life.

Al viva Lifo.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HOW 2Bcome friends with EX

H............ HOly ShiT !
O............ OH My Gosh !

............ What Da Fuck !

Mind the language, but it just aint easy
I am really very optimistic that we can always be friends with our ex-es
Somehow for some forsaken reasons
It feels like treasons of the worst liaisons
When the right is wrong, and the wrong is right
All you ever still do, is argue and fight
Then when it is all calm and peaceful
It is just the tranquility before the storm blow.

How 2Bcome friends with EX
It is really Friendship put to the extreme test.

All my best wishes.

Giving up and giving in

Its so difficult to find the balance of caring and not caring anymore
It is so easily to be taken for granted, but that is all right after all
I have just learnt to give everything I have
Never ever expect anything in return
Though people think that is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE
Its a mission impossible, but I am so close to 98% achievement
2% of emotional glitches and heart fatalities
But I am a living proof that it can be done, after all the turbulence in life.

It is hard to apprehend my motives
People rely on instincts to understand what I am feeling inside
Don't feel a reason to express them all out to the world
What is there to gain, and in the end with all the misunderstanding
Then I have to go about clarifying and explaining
Trying to justify every actions, and every reasons I am giving
It is the same over thing, over and over, again and again
I am just so misunderstood, the world will not understand.

I am just trying to be an attribute to the world that I still trust and believe
I am just trying to be around, to give some kind of relief
I am absolutely happy that everyone is starting to find their foothold in happiness
While I am starting my transition of giving up and giving in.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Realism of Words

I have long realized that my words have carried a certain weight
There is certainty and truth in what I have said
And it need not even be a promise
Needless be sworn in the name of Almighty.

Once words are spoken, it is difficult to be taken back
If done so, thus, lack of integrity and substance
Often it need not be a curse, for it to come true
For what is heart felt, it will come through.

Its not important, if you do not remember what has been revealed
But if you do know, how much I would have care and know how I feel
Then you will know that I hold onto my words, like a promise not said
And like precious life, till death do they part
Least, I am not given the chance to fulfill them as accordingly
It would have been rare, for they will be done, in a very timely manner.

As careful as one should be of what they wish for
For they might just come true, sooner than before
When you think that its not going to happen
You may be surprised, your wish has been granted
But often, there has been mistakes made
Time of life will tell, but its has never been late
Just that we are too conscious to realize when things do happen
Too unconscious to know, your wishes come true right before your eyes.

Always behold, of things that surround
Of those lil things that can be found ...
WIshes are made of lil things that comes into your life
Lil things that made life so much more worth while.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Joy of Discovery

When I smile, means I am happy
When I cry, means I am sad
When I frown, means I am in despair
When I scowl, means I am displease
When I yell, means I am angry .................
If you can only read me like pages of a book
Then cease all the joy of getting to know me, in depth.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scramble Thoughts for Tis Morning

I woke up feeling a pinch in my heart
I don't know why I would feel the pain
For I am not in love, and has no matter of heart to attend to - I took out the WELCOME mat.
And if I ever got a health issue, it is my disgestion system.

I woke up feeling lethargic
But I have gotten 8 hours of sleep, more than enough
I am not groggy or anything
A lil worry free, and hassle free - life never cease to bring some worry and hassle.

Somehow for the moment, i opened my eyes
The bright day greeted me
I know I have to live through the full day and night
I have made appointments and plans, I have to fulfill
Then I realized, its for everyone else, but me
Cause I made plans for the others.

I want to pack my bags at the end of the day
Switch off my mobile, and shut down the world
I want something to be done for me
Why the heck its so darn difficult to be selfish
To be indulgent
Why is it so hard not to be me.

I want to drive - and darn the stupid fuel price hike!
I want to camp out in the open air and watch the stars
I want to feel the rain on my face and get chill when the breeze brushes
I want to have mosquitoes bites and maybe a squirrel snuggle next to me
I want to go where nobody knows me - okay, a few friends won't hurt
Oh Shit - I need the bathroom !
I just need lots of papers - not to wipe my arse ... I am dying writer for crying out loud.
My brains are bursting with thoughts and my heart is feeling cramped ....................

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My ears are ever ready to listen to the lamentations
Whatever the lips have to say, and whisper
I could never turn away any experiences that has to be shared;
Regardless of the times, whenever there are heartfelt emotions
I could never turn anyone away, nor let them alone wander
Here I am, I will be here to care.

Things which I have listened to a million times
Just been retold by different people, in differ ways
Its always about the same thing in life;
Living and surviving this era of hedious crimes
With uncertainties, and of the future, that seems bleak and gray
Like anyone else, struggling, I think I am even barely alive.

Blest may be things that came my way
But its not in abundance as misfortunes overflow
My mind wary, my thoughts are dying slowly;
Perhaps my day is soon to draw near before beginning of dawn
I already found the peace to go
For nobody, and nothing I can take with me, I walk alone.

Maybe someone can sing me a song
Appease me, with a lil tune
Mend my spirits, already battered;
But I know all along
And I know too soon
This life is always a battle.

I will smile, but its long from over
I will sleep, to rest before tomorrow comes
I will do, to my best ability;
Its not going to be over
The moon disappears, the sun beckons
I wake to a brand new day, with the same responsibilities.....

Just how much more can I sustain
Before I cross the pasture, to the meadows yonder
And turn around, and leaving behind, all I am so beloved;
I leave my heart behind, but I will take with me the pain
I leave a note behind, attached to a treasure
And I leave behind a testament, its still all about LOVE.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tatt Ooooo ... Tattoo

Most of them have gotten a tattoo, hidden somewhere on their bodies
Colorful or just plain black and white designs that can be so intriguing
Symmetrical, non symbolic, or perhaps it comes with a personal message.

Its either a test of the pain treshold or its a message
To me, its gonna be both...............
If i don't grit my teeth hard enough, to lock my jaws permanent
If i don't punch the tattoist, till she pass out on the floor
If i don't jump out of the seat after the 1st needle touch my skin
I would have just fainted on the spot - such a weenie.

The thought of it sent shivers up my spine
But i am not put off by the ideas, at least for the time being
It seems painstaking fun and I will shed happy tears of joy
I am not a weenie ... i am just an emotionist.

By the way, if I passed on beyond recognition
And if dental records doesn't match, for whatever reasons
And our Malaysian CSI teams means "Crime Scout Idiots"
Pls try to identify me with my tattoo(s)

So if I get tattoo(s), i won't keep it a big secret
By my screams that rock the neighbourhood at richter 10
I will certainly flaunt it to you all or you will feel the tremor
In the mean time, I am in search for the oblivious identity
One that identifies me, the one whom you know and the one whom you don't know.

Let Love Live and Long Live Life

Every now and then we discover something new in our life
The journey that we partake, is full of twists and turns, surprises!
Every occurence of event, trigger thoughts deep inside
Emotions hidden, and eventually surfacing
Things unknown, now emerges, as lessons to be learnt
New emotions to be acknowledged, and nurtured.

Blest with the many wonderful lil things in life
Feeling contented with things and friends who have kept me alive
There is an overflow of joy pouring out from my heart
I am only feeling sad that I felt , I am having to depart
There is a new crossroad that came along in my path
There is a new feeling, that am embarking ... and this is the start.

The greatest treasure that i have been given to me
The most priceless emotions that I have kept will not be in a chest safe
Its time to bring it out
Time to give it up
Someone will find this love worthy
And appreciate the truest meaning
It will be my reason to stay alive
Let love live and long live life.