Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Minds of Thinkers

Thinkers ...
Think excessively and endlessly
It is only a myth, when one has no control over the mind
For it is the mind, is the mother of all complexity
The myth is busted when one learns to control the thoughts
To restart, to sleep, and to shut down
For is possible.

Thinkers ...
Are actually misinterpreted
Been thought that their mind is complex, but really not
On the contrary, their thoughts are so vast
They cleverly covered all aspects, with different perspective
The intention is not to complicate the situation
Only trying to be prepared for the unexpected
For is possible.

This is the simple mind of thinkers
Guiding through mazes of life
With every life rope that is available
Which can be improvised
Manipulated in self defense.

Thus, rest peacefully tonight
Need not be restless for tomorrow's plight
All shall be all right
For if there is battle, fight
There will be survival, one need not die
Just know the consequences, and no need ask why.

The simple mind of thinkers
Can be as simple as ignorance
Life just goes on.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remember the Time

Remember the time
that has ticked past
which made memory
which is been remembered

Remember the time
which didn't stay to last
it has many stories
which is locked up in the mind

Remember the time
which won't come back
nothing will be the same
as it used to be

Remember the time
when your thoughts seem to slack
the fire of passion not a-flame
don't let it go unnoticed
wasted away.

Remember the time
of yesterday
became a present
prepared for tomorrow
a walk into the future.

Remember the time
just a memory away
make it strong in existence
a memory borrowed
to paint a picture.

Remember the time
is to appreciate....
Remember the time
once and now so great....
Remember the time
then and now, still a feat accomplished.

Have U Ever

Have U ever....
love someone so dearly, u lost yourself in it
love someone, till it hurts and kills u softly eventually.

Have U ever ....
give so much, and never needed anything in return
give so much that at the end, u just crash and burn.

Have U ever ....
told yourself that there is never gonna be another one
told yourself that, and then someone right comes along.

Have U ever ....
tried so hard to mend your broken heart, never to let it happen again
tried so hard, but just in a split second, there is again pain.

Have U ever ....
love unconditionally, only to realize it is not
love unconditionally, then someone tells u it is crap.

Have U ever ....
been so protective with yourself, realize there is no more romance
been so careful about love, and missed out on the chances.

Have U ever ....
played by the rule, but u are taken for granted
not played by the rule, yet been disregarded.

Have U ever ....
wondered what is this life all about without the love u yearned for
pondered about the whole journey, and wondered what more.

Have U ever ....
have so much thoughts in the mind, that are so rational
caught in a dilemma, leaving u emotional.

Have U ever ....
just wished that cupid will shoot the arrow bull eyes
just prayed that heaven answers your prayers this once.

Have U ever ....
just do whatever, cause u r grown enough to know
just stop been bothered by consequences, just DO IT, GO!

Have U ever ....
thought of stopping all these thoughts, and just live life
stop thinking, and start to be alive.

Stop the thinking, no need to stir the melting pot
Life will never wait, and time will never stop
If now is not the time, when will it ever be
If it is not now, will U ever be.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

# 1

Everyone strive to be # 1
Being ambitious, and have everything they want
To be the best, on top of everyone else
Fame and fortune, the luxury to dwell
A name that everyone knows
The face which everyone looks for everywhere they go
The popular one
The # 1.

In comparison, it is always the better if not the best
In doing the utmost, the best it gets
Strive for perfection
No room to make a mistake and be human
Must stand out in the crowd
The popular one everyone loves to hang out.

The quest to strive to be # 1
To chase after the things and dreams, never seem to be done
The never ending quest
Till the soul is tired, and energy drenched
Then it is too late to enjoy the fruit of labour
Cos one is so old, so dead, just waiting to be buried under
When it seems that all the time, the things that matter
To be # 1, is just a matter of number.

Let everyone else who want to be # 1
Do whatever and do however they want
A handful who has the capability, won't do so
Don't want to get into the competitive world
Wealth is nothing, in comparison to health and joy
A worry-less world, and so much of simplicity to enjoy.

Don't compare, the past is gone, and the future ushers
There is always going to be someone and something better
But is looking for perfection, guarantees happiness?
Does having the finest ensures satisfaction?
Or merely appreciating what is given, and who is by the side
Cherishing the given opportunity, and gathering smiles
That valuable memories
Supercedes the ambitious # 1.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pledge of Holy Matrimony

It is not only our parents who has gone through the pledge of matrimony
That through death do they part
Through thick and thin
Through health and sickness
Through rich and poor ....

Even young couples officially going steady
Not only is it sexual consenting
It is somehow walking on the beginning path of matrimony
Despite the honeymoon period is almost over
The intensity will kicks in
A serious relationship is about to start.

The fall out of relationship is often blamed on passion fizzle
The same old sizzle has already been put off slowly
But reckon the truth is it is just too hard to adapt to commitment
Relationship and dating is just 2 different part of the continents
Just like heaven and hell, just not the same
A rough patch, a tedious journey, a bumpy road ahead
Couple just got scare and bail out half way
How sad, but how true is the fact.

It just to be a ring to bound all commitments
A paper evidence, framed as evidence
But nothing is ever so solid, as a strong foundation
That is not rocked by adversaries and obstacles
But held on strong with persistence and persevere
Forget about the ring, lose the paper chase
Just concentrate on building inner strength and patience
For that is truly what is needed in the pledge of holy matrimony.

The pledge of the 21st century holy matrimony ......
"Through the down of internet line
Through the loops of all communications
Through the concrete jungle of modern civilization
Through the thinning of the ozone layers
Through the expiration of health insurance
Through all illness and sickness
Through the ends of credit cards
Through to the final cents of bank savings
Holding onto the most precious memories engraved through time
Living onto the precious love, given so divine
I pledge to stay by your side"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Changes Can Be Perfect

People do change, for sure
For the better or for the worse
But often in the limbo
Nobody can be sure of the consequences
Not even oneself, cos of dilemmas and confusion.

Changes come about, sometimes with pressure
Like a bubble waiting to burst
Like a dormant volcano
Just a matter of time, before been moulded
But often caused so much of commotion.

Changes are good, if they come with pleasure
To heighten the passion, and build the love
Heart-in-heart, and hand-in-hand, they will go
Together on the road to the unknown
Nothing else matters but love in motion.

Changes can be perfect
If changes are for the better to come
Changes that are self reflection
Of the need to improve
Not forced, or induced externally
For then the changes are never permanent.

Changes are as perfect as they can get
And most all changes are welcome
Only at last to see the intention
And to see the results they invoke
Changes are not intentionally
But come as life's improvement.

Change not to impress
Change not to notify the world
Change cause it is only perfect
If it comes from the heart, and it is for oneself good will.

Changes are to accept
Changes are on the whole
Changes are towards perfect
But it can also get worse, and often sometimes they will.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Why did we stop talking?
When did we stop communicating?
How could we not say nice things?
What happened?

If only we could have reach other's mind
We would not be given voice and lips
Silence would be a wonderful sound
But it is not, for it is empty.

If there is a time when we could speak out loud
Then a time, to hold our thoughts abreast
Would not it sound like we are in theraphy
Except that we aren't talking much anyway.

So much to say, and we don't know when to say
So much to talk about, but often we just push it away
Our coffee table talk, is about everything else but us
Our tete-a-tete, is casual, and nothing serious.

Are we really talking?
Are we really expressing our heart felt?
Perhaps one day, we will find out
But maybe then, we might discover the truth just too late
And just perhaps, there is nothing else to talk about.


Almost everyone falls in love ... fast and furious
Full of intensity ... paced and curious,
But not always it will die off quick and swift
But there will eventually be more battle of wits,
Thought leaving so little time to enjoy the process
Eventually, feelings digress.

Some fear if falling in love is fast
Fear it goes as fast as it comes, and won't last,
They take it slow and steady
But then turn stale and mouldy,
Thought there is enough time in the world
But then someone else come and take control.

What is the best thing to do?
Which is the best route to go?
Is there rules and regulations to follow?
Are examples good enough to control?
Will one just follow the heart, and make mistakes?
Stumble and fall, and in apologies partake?
Will everyone meet half way, and compromise?
But is there really a compromise, to begin with?

Can distance makes the heart fonder?
Or closeness just makes it all duller?
Can word itself serves the assurance?
Or love itself so strong and resilient?

Control your urges
Keep from emotional plunges,
Control your feelings
Keep everything under the lid.

Self control
Back to your own world,
Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen
If one lose control, or if control is tighten,
Reckon leaves it to destiny
If it is all meant to be,
But if one can't control own fate
What is the point of been in love actually,
Diplomacy or tom foolery
Love crazy or plain messy,
Back to control issues

Monday, March 15, 2010

Changes Aren't Imperfection

Wondering why do lovers fall out of love
Why would they want to be separated and divorce
Is it really cos love ran out of them
Or merely, changes that occurs, they couldn't accept;
Once so loving like a pair of love bird
Now it is just a past tense - was
Gone are the love they felt then
Now it is just a matter of fact, can't accept the imperfect.

While everyone knows changes are inevitable
Growing with time, seasons by hardships
Changes for the better, improving the worse
Although it is hard to predict, it will still come about;
Love used to be so comfortable
Now become strings of sufferings
Imperfection seems like a curse
Time to pack the bags and leave town.

Why not stay around, and grow together
For worse and for better, that is the pledge
Can imperfection be a nightmare, ever so dreadful
Or even happiness-threatening, and bliss is gone forever;
Memories are so unforgettable
Love should not be forsaken, but cherished, and salvaged
It can always be as beautiful
For changes aren't imperfection, but a journey for the better.

Nobody can ever stay the same always
The youth is gone, but the heart remains
The puppy love has grown matured
But still holding onto the hands that will go forth to the future;
Day gone and night come, night gone and come day
Changes, unpredictable that sometimes can be insane
But changes are just life's kind gestures
That we are going with the flow of nature.

Changes aren't imperfection
To use it as an excuse is just lame
Changes aren't sign of weakness
To be forsaken is wrong;
Changes are just shifting emotions
No change with the time, and rules of the game
To adapt and see more of life's greatness
But with the right one, changes are so rightfully belong.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Feelings are unlimited
As well unpredictable
Comes untimely
Sometimes unawarely
But feelings do come and go
Just want each of us want to do.

Each tell of different tales
Each carries messages so vast
Each stories can be so twisted or plain
But take time to acknowledge, rather than fret
To confront, rather than hide and pretend
To tell, to confess, to apologize, but rather keep quiet.

Feelings can manifest
They can grow, or they might just die
Feelings come in handy
They relate emotions, and express thoughts
Or they can be invisible and carry off into the air.

What would you do with your feelings?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LOVE 101

So many ways to love
From simple gesture of a smile
To grandeur gifts of luxury
As long as it is all from the heart
Every gesture and every gift is precious
Appreciated and valued at priceless.

The time of love is infinity
Not limited to special occassions
Every moment that is given is an opportunity
To express gratitude and love
That those around remembers
They are always in the thoughts
They remain the heart
They are been loved, timelessly and endlessly.

There are 101 ways to say I love you
There are over 6800 known languages
And there are only 365 days in a year
The expression of love is unlimited
Is there any room to fall out of love
Only more room to improve
Love adds on to the zest of life.

How could one ever stop loving the one whom one fall in love with?
How could one fall out of love, when once it is so overwhelmed?
Why would one walk out of love, when one walked right into it with pride?
Why not say "I love you" .. "I miss you" when given the seconds to do so?
Why have to wait, when there is never a right time?

A kiss a day keeps the doctor away
A hug a day keeps the passion at bay
A lovely note a day keeps the love alive.

So I WILL start by saying "I LOVE YOU, SWEETS"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So often when in love, we give our best
We give our heart, soul, mind, body and all the rest
No matter how much we get back at the end
We just give and sacrifice, as long as we can
Then ..... things just fizzle out
We are just bogged down
Tears and heart aches
What is left is scars of our mistakes.

The next time comes around again
We swore we are not gonna love with so little to gain
But we would be loved endlessly
Wishful thinking
At the end, we do get what we want, at approximate
Cos we love so anxiously, we can't help it
But this time around, love does come back to us
There is bound to be a time, when love breaks the curse.

This time, love is going to be so different
All that we have gave, will get back in many folds return
Cos we dare to love, and be loved
Despite all the pain that we have been hurled through
This time, we will be recognized and appreciated
And will be love back, with so much to receive
Cos it is the right time, although seems risky still
It is also the right person, for the others are so willed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reminders ..............

Instincts flow in my blood, could feel it in the heart
Got the mind thinking, and the soul shivering in aches;
One would have to remain humble, swallow the pride and test patience
In the calmness of the moment, one would be best to clam up in silence;
There is not going to be a moment so intense, one would let it come in between
One would back down, and let the adversary be swept away by the wind;
Not to dwell on it so immensely, it is never worth it
let it be a constant reminder, a slap on the wrists.

The sweetness is never done and over
But there is time adversary to come and hover;
Also there will always be time of bitter sweetness
These are the puzzling pieces of what life is giving to us;
Not to fret, and not to break everything apart
But there is always much to learn by heart;
These are the reminders
Strange blessings can make us stronger and better.

At any time, when things are not going well
Then emotions flare up, it trigger a bell;
We must be so prone to let it overcome us
We go on an emotional bursts;
We would surely not let it get out of hands
Because we can understand;
This is one of the many reminders ....
Distance makes the heart fonder;
Internet bridges the gap closer
The differences that make us all different;
Fate brought us together
Adversaries will test us one way or another;
For this is the path that we have chosen
Come what may, we will brave through it together.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


When things are going real bad
We do all the best to make it through, did "WE"?!
Or it was only I who tried so effortlessly
While another just linger behind without a single thought in mind;
When things go wrong and make us all sad
We tried so hard, did we?!
Still I end up been blamed and been made guilty
While it seems okay, another just slacked and linger behind.

There was once happiness
Now there is nothing left
We did try to find us back, did "WE"?!
So many times, it just not right anymore;
Sadness now clouds every presence
Eyes are blind, heart is stoned and ears are deaf
The non existence of "WE"
There is nothing else to do, love walked out the door.

We have came to the end of the road
Sad as it is, it has been called about
I thought I give it one more try, but you thought otherwise
Could it be called an effort, only one of "WE" is interested;
Time to learn to let go
Don't want to feel the hurt that comes around
Tried as I may, but it just not right
Cause "WE" will never ever exists.

When it all come to an end
It became the moment, you give your best shot
But it was not really the best, it was the worst
Every thought which seems so right is just wrong;
What would be the intend
All that was of "WE" in all of your thoughts
In the perfect illusion of the past, the "WEre"
Cos in the past, is where everything of "WE" will always belong.

Once I tried, then twice and thrice
All the time that I have struggled
Thought you will realized but obviously, it has been lies after lies
It hurts then, and now it will hurt just a little bit more;
Once there was a "WE", now nothing will ever rhyme
One could try hard, harder and the hardest, will not matter
What lies ahead is a brand new life
A future which will have more in store.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Nobody is perfect
So we are prone to making mistakes
But it shouldn't be taken for granted
That to err is human
That we do not have reflections;
There are bound to be regrets, but don't fret
Least to know something precious is at stake
Yet something is lost, we couldn't get it back
Even if to make amends
Something is already lost to the oblivion.

Our life is a series of mistakes
To grow, to learn, to appreciate, to accept
Sometimes we have a chance to rectify
Sometimes not so lucky
Perhaps then we should be so consciously aware
Of our actions, especially if they cause pain to others;
Our life has many events that we must partake
We could never run away from that facts
Despite the tears that we cry
The pain that we can feel
No matter now how much we want to care
Something is just gone forever.

Hope one day, we truly learnt from our mistakes
Stop putting a finger on another
Acknowledge that 4 other fingers point to ourselves
Can we remain so ignorant
Can we be so selfish to the pain that we have
Never realize that the pain we have inflicted on others;
Hope one day, from our mistakes, we grow for our own sake
That we don't make the same mistakes ever
To be a better person, and for others as well
Surely one day, the sun will shine upon us again
What we lost, will come back to us
That we will find another perfection in another, truer.

With a bagful of mistakes over our shoulder
We walk the path ahead
Not looking back to correct the past
But to improve our own future
To be a better person;
Someone awaits just round the corner
Start the journey, not fret
This time, it might just be so right, it will last
This time, it will be so beautiful, a painted picture
For all the mistakes we made, this is the one reason.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Patience is at every cross road .... take time to ponder and be stern in all the decision made
Be truthful to the voices in your heart and your mind, and go ahead
Turn have regrets and turn back to rectify the past
For the happiness that is to be found will never last.

Patience is with every adversary .... take pride in striving to do the best
Be strong and endure the pain even if it never seems to be any less
For what doesn't kill is surely going to be the greatest fort
For happiness is of one very own's effort.

Patience is to smile .... take all the simple things in life
Ignorance is a bliss to adapt to simplicity, and to feel alive
To live in the present, and to wipe tears away
Or make the tears happy as a sunny day.

Patience is knowing ... the better things in life will come your way
Just have patience to endure and persevere always
For there is a day, heaven will open its door and grant all wishes
Start having a wishful list, and wait with patience.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now or Never

It must be too often, that when all the good things happen, one ponder
Must be sweet dreams, how can this happen ever
Too good to be through
Yet, it did happen and with a pinch, it is as pain as real
Is it a miracle then?
Is it through all the good deeds that have been gained?
Nevertheless, they happened, and then ...... one feared
Losing it eventually, one is scared.

When all evilness befalls, all defenses are set up for battle
Even it may never happen, one never failed to be so prepared
The wits over excel, and emotionally drained
At the end, the lost is truly to be gained
Even as all goodness comes, why all the defenses again?
Why let the past comes back to haunt, and the excuse is so lame
Instead, one should embrace all that comes, regardless
For the outcome is often not as expected nor predicted, at least
But the risk taken is truly worthy of all that is presented before the eyes
It is not a Flight and Run case, but a Do or Die
Which it is much for one take the risk, exploring the future possibilities
Instead of hiding, and not knowing all the beautiful future ventures
Although what one doesn't know, won't hurt so much
But what one doesn't do, is perhaps having reality crushed.

Embrace the dear future
Brave to venture
Seize the opportunity
Realize the possibility.

It is NOW or NEVER
Take it or regret FOREVER