Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Curve Ball

Next batter is up .... Yes, it is me
All bases are fully loaded
The pitcher got an angry glare
My bat is up on my shoulder, ready to swing
I noticed the motions signals from the catcher.

The pitcher got a good records of "strike out"
My reflexes are no match
At the back of the mind, devising plans
Will I hit a home run, or can I
Or just hit it in between the outfield
A distance enough to get 1 player home.

The pitcher sets the motion, and throw me the ball
Fast as 70km/h and whiz pass me
"Strike 1", the umpire shouted
That is only a preview, I should be prepare for the next pitch
"Ball 1", as the ball came flying at me
That is a relief, but my bases are still loaded.

2 strikes and 3 balls, I am left with the ultimatum
Swing at the ball at whatever speed and manner that I can
Desperate moment has no time for change of plans
There are replays with no particular sequences
Everyone is out there, anticipating with anxiety
Now or never, no regrets
"Swing a batter, SWING!" I am so not going to be distracted.

The ball left the pitcher's den
Whatever come may, I swung as hard as I could
Threw my bat on the ground and I hope it smashed the catcher's vest (been evil)
A high fly ball, and 2 outfielders gazing with their gloves in position
Will they catch it ... or will it slip in between them ....
Will the others make a dash for home ....
Will they just wait to anticipate the land position of the ball ....

Damn it is a CURVE BALL!

Go figure ... the game of life can swing anyway anytime.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World of Technology

There is no waiting number
There is no queue
There is just you and I, and a monitor screen in between,
No need be shy, and no need to shudder
No need to get all dolly dressed up and be cute
Just put yr hands on the keyboard, and pour it out from within.

Can't change the way you feel instantly
Can't be right over in my car
Can't comfort you face-to-face,
Yet thanks to high technology
Friendship can be shared
It can be so easily embraced.

Loaded updates faster than newspaper circulation
Free to cheaper than normal telephone calls
The social network more vast than the spider web;
Friendship brewed, relationship in the making
As blissful as it grows, and as painful as it falls
As real, and as deceitful, it is not always what it appears to be.

World of technology
A whole new scene of possibilities
Within the finger tips, and most convenient,
Sometimes defy the aspect of anthropology
Creating complexities, not within our capability
Almost as heavenly, as been defiant.

Human nature, already is mankind with its own story
Perplexed further with schemes of the mind
But it is the closest reach to the far end of the world,
World of technology, presenting its golden opportunities
It is the portal to unravel mysteries in the shortest of time
It is your multiple return tickets, to any part of the universal globe.

Let's give a toast of Thank you to the World of Technology
Let's read everything but the fine print: tread with precaution at your own risk
It has no guarantee, which part of your soul it will take away and break,
Welcome, your username and password, press ENTER key
If you are not a member, would you like to Sign In
The world beyond your imagination, beckons and waits.

Fate & Destiny

There is something which is hard to break
No, it is not the bad vices of smoking, drinking and cursing;
It is not those principles embedded like Nazi rulings in the head
It is most likely just fate and destiny, playing and teasing.

There is instinct pounding in the heart
A sensational tingling 6th sense;
There is a voice whispering from the start
In the end, it seems like a mess.

It can be just me, comforting myself
But the scenes so similar, almost felt like deja-vu;
I know it all too well
And have only wished that they are not true.

Fate and destiny, sounds nice when you said it
It is actually curse of the unknown, the future not yet unfold;
Whatever it is, I have to take it, gritting my teeth
There is no regrets, ever, that is what I truly do know.

My life, spiced with fate and destiny
My life, diced with the disguised misfortunes;
My life, lived with joy, smiley and happy
My life, enlightened with chirpy tunes.

Time will tell
Now or tomorrow;
All will be well
Thriumphant over sorrow.

Fate and destiny, they are not my foes
They are my accomplices in life;
Without them, who am I to you?
What essence I would bring, standing by your side, my dear friends?

If you have asked for rain, do you not think I can ask for Heaven's tears
If you have asked for the sun, do you not think I can pull the clouds away;
If you have only give a nod and said you want, then I would have no fear
For fate and destiny, are my accomplices, and somehow I will have it our ways.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I am Sorry.............

Busy busy busy busy ..........
So much to do, not enough time to sleep
From morning till wee hours of the morning
Busy busy busy busy, that is a fulfilling life.

Log in Facebook; Chat in MSN; Skyping and all social portals
It felt too immortal
There is never real complaint, and nothing is hassle free
And I am as happy as I can ever be!

I am heading everywhere
Places and people of sorrow and joy, I have shared
Everyone needs a friend
Friends, here is my hand.

I am noting down in my diary, my schedules
I am remembering in my mind, the smiles and the faces
When all the headbanging music is gone, and the night hit a low note
I remembered deeply, admist all, I see and hear, my friend calling me out ........

"I am sorry, I am helpless for you
Although I know I can help, and I know what to do
You may think now that I am such a big bluff
Unfortunately, you know words and actions are never enough
You know for sure I hold the key to your happiness
I know for sure, I will only unlock the chest of sadness and disappointment"

"I am sorry, I wish I can do more
Whatever I can do, I have done before
Things could never be the same
Life is such a cruel game
But there is always a prayer for you from the depth of my heart
That is all I can do, staying this afar"

Beyond the smile, tailed behind a high pitched shriek of laughter
Deep inside the soul, flowing in the blood through the veins of my body
I will always feel the hint of pain, that I could never do enough
"I am sorry" I say to those, whose life I didn't save, and my joy couldn't reach
"I am truly sorry" I say to those, whose paths we have briskly crossed
But you are always in my thoughts.