Friday, February 26, 2010


There is never a RIGHT TIME
So would it make sense to wait?
Especially when all the signs are right under the nose
Would one be so fearfully ignorant?
Waiting for more ... waiting for confirmation.

If there is ever a RIGHT TIME
Why is there regrets of being too late?
Why the love one is not even close?
Why is one still in expectant?
Especially, when one didn't even make any decisions.

Will there be a RIGHT TIME
When all the feelings are so clear
When all the indications are so precise
When the jigsaw puzzles fit together
When in amazement that words couldn't describe.

There is no RIGHT TIME than NOW
Never to give up the one who is every so dear
The one who is ever feel so right
The one whom the heart says is forever
The one where all heavens and hell, comes together well aligned
That is the closest to perfection that no ever RIGHT TIME will premeditate so well.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


There are lucky ones out there, without much effort
The right person comes and build relationships strong like a fortress,
But the sturdy fortress is not built overnight
But throughout time, with sweat, tears, pain and might,
Just when one think, it is going to last forever
One stone slip, and it starts to rumble and crumble,
And there is no stopping it, cos the passion is gone and lost
The stale smell of love, that same old boring life, has no value cost,
So down it goes to the ground
Like a pile of garbage, waiting to be collected to the dumps.

There are some unlucky ones, who searched so hard and long
Never find one that is rightfully belong,
No matter how much is been put in
There is just never a chance to make it to the end,
It just fizzle out and there is no need to rectify or patch-it-right
Just take flight, no plight, not worth the fight.

There is a very rare case of being at the right place and the wrong time
When someone comes along, and it is all so fine,
And all it takes it just to recognize that feeling
That someone who makes everything feels all right,
It is not the perfect one

There is the very exceptional case of just being there at whatever time
For when it is meant to be, the pieces of puzzles will just fit,
Even there are missing spots, it is still a perfect picture
For it is just waiting to be fitted in, in the future;
That SOMEONE just miraculously walk right into the life
And life has never been more perfect and alive.

It is stupidity to find SOMEONE and not know how to appreciate
It is regretful to lose SOMEONE and only learn to appreciate
It is fear to find SOMEONE and wonder how to appreciate
It is true fate to find SOMEONE and appreciate instantly.

Friday, February 19, 2010


After been hurted so many times
After those tears, now running dry;
After all those heart aches, that still lingers
Those memories that can't seem to be shaken off altogether.

Then just out of the blue ........... someone makes your heart flutter
Missed a few heart beats, when least expected;
Makes you smile, so effortlessly
Just makes you HAPPY.

Would you now set up all your defenses
Sit in the comfort behind your picket fences;
Everytime a gut feeling set in, just pull back
Take things in a stride, and with a pinch of salt;
Cos tomorrow, the feeling might just die
Life ... just go on ... Life.

Sitting down, thinking through all logic
Analysing, predicting, guessing, thinking everything;
What make sense, and what doesn't fit in
But sometimes there are answers, and sometimes none to begin with;
It all adds up to nothing is perfect
And that love is always going to be a risk.

Maybe it is another heartache
Or maybe it is your soul mate;
Maybe it is just another passing phase
Or maybe it is destiny's grace;
Would you ignore all the signs
And think it will be gone by sun rise;
Would you take the risk
And see what the future has in store for you.

What would you do, when in Risky Loveliness?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Persons

There is a sense of pride
The joy which one can't hide
When 2 persons complement each other, in wits and might.

There is no greater success
Feeling oh so blessed
When 2 persons compliment each other, in strength and weakness.

There is no shame
There is just the passionate flame
When 2 persons bare themselves, and only be equipped with logic of love.

There is no tag team
Just 1 couple, consisting of 2 persons, and though they are different as it seems
That is what make 2 persons so uniquely special to each other, unconditionally.

There is some kind of justification
There maybe a divine revelation
When 2 persons come together, sharing same passions
When 2 persons feel for each other, in the strangest twist of intervention.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


What is that feeling ..........
that makes you look up the sky and see animal parade
and bring the biggest smile upon your face;
that makes your heart flutter when you don't even realize
and it really feels nice;
that makes you get back all the senses you thought lost
and then the bustling life just take a pause;
that gives you all the nice cossy feelings
and lets you take a back seat in life.

What is that feeling .........
that feels good throughout, but you can't seem to put a finger in it
then it beats together with your heart beat, in a melodious rhythm;
that you can hum and sing a tune in your head
and tap your feet on the floor, prancing end to end;
that makes you just want to lie down and close your eyes
and life pass you by, so peacefully.

It is everything which you have felt before
Yet it is not about love......
It has got a name of its own
But right now it just feels BLISSFUL.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Feeling tired, feeling sleepy
The body is aching, the mind is truly weary
Laying down in bed, eyes are closed
The mind is wide awake, thinking on endless roads
Thoughts racing, like madness in a maze
Waking up, the head spinning race.

Things shouldn't be thought, yet there is it, undoubtfully
Just like things shouldn't be, yet there it is, naturally
Rules are all made, but then just broken
Living with stringent principles, now just loop holes left open
Predictable, as well as unpredictable
Unexpected, yet now, it is expected with twist and turns.

Seems like a dilemma, but it is not
Lots of questions, but none is to be sought
Randomness, is like playing Russian Roulette
But there is no rules of right and wrong to play by
Just spin the table, roll the dice
Take a risk, this is life.

There it is, at very cross road
Left or right, straight on track
Just no turning back
The twist and turn of every juncture
With every stroke, the hands of life, paint the picture.

Aye & Nay
Living each day
Each road must be taken, and go
The canvas abstract
Yet attract
The canvas colorful
Strangely blissful.

If there is no care
One will be scare
If there is care
It will be surely sacre
If there is care
Only cos I do dare
To care
It is to be striped down to the bare
It is scary
At the end, painstaking
Yet it is an expression of nature
That has been innate and then nurtured
This picture of universal emotion
Has never been an option
It is a passion
That yields a million more questions ...
Who knows.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Will it Will..

The journey continues, the destination straight ahead
Eventful throughout, small and big, all are great,
The unexpected, the pre-meditated, they happened
All goes on, continued, the spirit not dampened,
Though fear starts to sink in
When the heart stop beating and start thinking,
The prick of the thorn
The hurt of the scorn,
The joke of the decade
All the heartaches, that hurt,
Like a slide shows, come rolling
But there is still a smile of hopeful wishing,
It gets better
It will at the end,
It is always far more beautiful
If it is really fated, then will it will?