Monday, September 29, 2008

People Say

People say.....
That they know me well
Everything I do, they can tell
That I am so easy to read
It is written in frowns, smiles and grins
In all the things that I have said
Everything that I have done.

It gives me no comfort to be known
It is not everything of me, some still brewing and growing
Have you created a perfect picture of me
I think eventually, it will be tarnished
If you have given me some room to grow up and out
You will have some surprises coming about.

Can you live thru with me, day by day
See, how different I can be in some ways
After all, things are never always the same
Evolutions of changes, life's different ball of games
Even you all have good and bad days
Sitting on fences, don't know which way to swing.

People say, this is just not who I am anyway
But it is just one of my bad days
Moments when I am caught at cross roads
When I don't know what to do and where to go
There is neither intuition not the presence of logic
It only a moment of panic
Been human, as human as I can remember I am to be
Brush off your thoughts and impressions of me
Give me that time, let me have my liberty
It won't make any difference, if you have already like me.

People say... whatever comes into their mind
Straight forward opinions, I am glad, you are friends of mine.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decisions, Courages, Expectations

At the crossroad, deciding
Unchartered, or worn out paths?
Hold onto comfort, safety is ahead?
Be liberated by fear, an adventure is ensured?
Did we limit ourselves in life, in what is secured and sure?
Did we fear to open ourselves to the opportunities of the unknown?

Bogged down by worries of tomorrow
Unable to live and reap the gift of the present
We created tomorrow with sorrow and anxieties
We take for granted of today's sentiments.

Thoughts after thoughts come flashing into the mind
Second and minutes, we are swiftly leaving behind
Soon it will all be gone
And all is left is "I wished"- regrets of the bygone.

Are we ever so spontaneous and do things, without battles in the head?
Are we ever going to decide, have courage and expect nothing?
Every step taken, pricked by a stone
Cut by pieces of broken glasses
Annoyed by the hustle and bustle
Amazed at human nature's nastiness
Appeased by humanity that existed
Our thoughts changed so constantly
But our beliefs are intact, stubbornly.

Things in life did and will work out eventually
Perhaps not as the way that it has been planned initially
But ..........
Can we decide, be courages and expect the unknown?

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Rest assure nobody is perfect
Otherwise, cast the first stone
While seeking perfection in others
Would your flaws be grantedly forgiven
Is it a unity or just an accomplice
If it is a relationship, then be related

You are just been you .. It shouldnt be any other way
Me .. just been plain me .. It is what you see and hear.

We started with nothing
Finding out a lil bit of something
Wanting to know some more things
But it wont be everything.

Sweetly ... slowly
Wonderfully ... beautifully
Taking lil baby steps
Falling along the way
Getting back on the feet
Continuing the journey.

Surely ... strangely
Intriguing ... enthralling
Remembering lil clips of memories
Like fragments of dreams when sleeping
It is tugged in the mind
A lasting company throughout time.

Let allow rooms for changes
Learning and growing is inevitable in life
Dreams evolve, and ambitions take a different turn
Everything happens for a reason
It is not transgression
It is progression.

Changes from history make tomorrow
Live tomorrow with renewed enthusiasm
Things may not be the same then and now
But it is mutually understanding
That it is all very special.

Let it be a friendship
Perhaps a life long companionship
Maybe a moment of romantic-ship
It can a soulmate-ship ..
Dont hide the dark side
Without knowing the dark, you will not know when you see light at the end
It is really understanding the Related-ship.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dunno What To Do

Everyone is looking for the right person to come along
To fill the void in the heart, with love which was gone
Searching and yearning so hard, just makes things complicated
Then a minute lapsed into a carefree mode, the right one has been whisked off..
Is there a moment of truth, there and then to seize the moment
Or can one be leisure, and no need to lament at the end
Is it to take the risk, but is it too soon to make a move
Let's wait awhile, to see if the feelings will bloom.

Questions just means ... dunno what to do.

Listen to your heart or seek counsel with your mind
Take a bold step forward, or take a step behind
Let your intuition guides or let fear resides
What is the best advice.

More questions of dunno what to do.

Does rejection hurts or the truth is too hard to handle
Is it the pain in the heart, or the stab to the pride.

So much more questions.