Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look at Fear

Memories caused a skip in the heart beat
Felt a sudden prick of pain, been inflicted
Then there is happiness, then there is pain
A mixed emotions, it is hard to explain
Wished so hard that the feelings will go away
Better it would be, if can't remember a single thing
Alas, it never happen, as been wished
So there is the pinch, and the twitch, and life is a bitch!

What can be done, when the truth stares at the face
All that come forward is the uneasiness that embrace
But there is no real comfort, just heavy heart
Letting go, is really hard
Let's face it, rather than shy away
Brave it, victory will come the way
Don't want to hide, and there is no need for it
Look at fear, grit your teeth, and clench your fist
Be prepared to fight, and not flea
Memory, this will be the last time, it shall be free!

The past has gone, and it is done
Nothing to change, and none to hold on
That is the way it is meant to be
Let's not fret, not fear, and be happy
Hard as it is, in the beginning
It will not be anymore in the end
Cos there is courage to fight the pain
Last time, it will drive the mind insane
Look at fear, and give it all the best
It will succumb instead.

What hurts then, may hurt little now, and no more soon
But in return, will bring comfort, like a gentle breeze in the afternoon
Not so hot, not so dim, just nice, just chill, just relaxing
Fear is just another emotions, that has no more holding
When one take courage, and look at fear
Pain will no more come near.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Don't look at me, as if I have stirred things up
When all I did, was just listen and collect secrets
Of all the things that others have done
And all their feelings that they are unsure.

Don't look at me, and say I am different
For if you haven't change, you won't notice anything
Then when changes are noted, it is also not always me
Your suspicious, your dissatisfaction, everything actually.

Don't look at me, and think something is wrong
Just cos I changed my mode of thinking
Cos my conversation subjects are abnormal
For I have mentioned that I am far from being norm.

Don't look at me, and point me a finger
Cos I dont want to do the same, and then I am no different
I have always sit in the centre and listen tentatively
Just am tired .. exhausted .. and want to go H.O.M.E.

Good bye, Earth!
H.O.M.E bound.
Peace and quiet!
H.U.S.H sound.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worth it ?

It is not what I fear that I do fear
It is what I don't fear, that just worry me.

It is not what I don't know that scare me
It is what I know that implicates the feelings.

It is pretty much like a sitting duck at a cross road
Knowing where to go, but not sure if I should;
Despite knowing it is gonna be a great destination
The journey somehow just lost its attraction.

It is pretty much a battle of the wits
Between the angel and the devil's misfits;
Despite the morality and practicality
It is taking a plunge into insanity, momentarily, worth it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time Part II

There is a lil heaviness in the head
Thoughts still flowing like a loose faucet
There are too much to process
Ignorance is just not acting up fast
All those facts
All those acts.

There are prayers within
The signs are there already
Is there a perfect timing
Or it just is not happening
The calling seems to be getting stronger
Though for a moment, there is a staler
Patience is just a crime
This time.

The enthusiasm is weighing down
The muscles are wearing out
The spirit is draining away
At each dawning day .. of each glorious day
The same old the same old
Old is gold, have been told
But this time around
It has a different rhythm, and differ sound.

The detachment, the derailment
The predicament, the unexpected moments
They all meant something
There are hidden messages
The sights that meet the eyes
There are tears which wont cry
The feelings that melt the heart
They are no longer enough
Those pillar of supports
The sturdy rocks
They are just there, at this right moment of time
The callings, the signs ... of one's resign.

Even though the plans are made
Destiny is almost pre-meditated
As the time comes
Even though, it seems to go to waste
The greater things await
When it is finally the TIME.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Whom I Adore

How I adore those selfless beings, who are in love
The things they do for the sake of their love ones
So sacrificial, I truly admire their courage and their commitment...;
Then entwined in their acts, sink their own vows
Not that love doesn't begets love, nor life begets life
It does, just not their love, it is just someone's else.

How I adore those courageous beings, who stood their ground
So stubborn, so rigid, but how sad, I see them slowly wither away
Knowing they can do so much, but it is one less step from taking responsibility ...;
The sound of alarm, triggering doubt and fear, so loud
Weakened by the notion of love, day after day
As nights slowly slips up, victimized.

How I might be impressed, but may not adore anymore
There is no victory, to see one losing one's identify
In the sacrificial deems so very worthy, in the name of love ...;
Why oh why, all you sacrificial souls
Have I not seen enough, adding onto to my list
That you are so beautiful, and wonderful, must be lost for someone's else.

Please oh please, my precious beings, whom I so adore
Bring the bit of self-centreness back in
Don't let love, make you a victim to circumstances ...;
Please oh please, don't be gone
Bring yourself back, cos you are all so deserving
It is not your responsibility, but to yourself, do some justice.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Everyone is searching for someone
Looking high and low, for the one they want;
When they met, then they make new discovery
The imperfect, don't fit the expectations and they asked "WHY?";
Then they complained
Sighed and went on to find the greener plains.

If one is to ask me again, where are all the good people
I would say, all around, in all the right places;
They will roll their eyes, and snort
But they look for perfection, than all fall short;
So they complained
They started searching again.

I smiled to myself
The bliss that I have found;
Those who thought I am a fool
Who wandered without a goal;
Those who thought I wasted my time
But if only they realize .. but nevermind;
They could never see what I see
Feel what I feel;
Understood what I do
Where I go ............ everywhere the good souls roam!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Naturally, all are selective of people they want to open up
Cos of the trust, and fear of the gossips that might follow
Naturally, that is fine, cos nobody want to be so wind up
Where one own secrets walk is the cause to one own gallows.

Naturally also, all are selective of friends they want to talk to
Cos of the truth, and fear that all don't hear what they want
For most of the time, all seek others to agree to our thoughts
Where all only seek approval for their faults, esp. really bad ones.

Naturally, all are selective of who are not good listeners, preferably dumb as well
Cos all are not seeking advice, just seeking a pair of soft ears
For most of the time, insights, and hints are not so swell
Esp. when they are hard on the soul, yet verified the fear.

Naturally, been selective, is not about trusting
Cos, honestly, it is far from been truthful
All should ask ourselves:-
To find someone whom all trusts, is it to know the truth of ourselves
Or it is to find assurance of ourselves and thoughts
At the end of the day, are all lying to ourselves
Or are all even been honest at all.

While all always said "We don't want to walk on egg shell"
Apparently, all don't talk the walk.

While, many genuine friends are waiting with open ears and open mind
These are the friends been ignored for their honesty
After all "Honesty is not the best policy"
Neither is lying, but all chose one that is gentler to oneself
Naturally, all are been selective indeed
Even to themselves, when given the option to be honest or not.

Been selective, is not been selecting wisely
It is been picky to one's own contend, and purpose.