Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Step 3A's

1-2-3 .... Acceptance - Appreciation - Advancement

Life has lots of ammunition that will hit us all at any time
Wild shots, unintended and sometimes unintentional
Don't know what hit us till the pain sinks in;
Life gives us lots of opportunities and also many misses
Created much emotional chaos but also has peaceful endearments
What shall we do with it?

Do we dissect it like an autopsy
Peel through the layers of disguises
Find the root cause, scientifically or rationally?
Do we take it as it is
The many facets of life
Accept, appreciate and advance forward, readily?

Which seems harder to grasp
Or harder to do?
What seems to be much easier said than done
Or never tried, never know it can be done as well?
The ever famous standpoint at the crossroad
The ever popular pit stop "Dilemma in progress".

Easy step - don't think
Somehow can't stop the brain
It got a mind of its own
We seem to have no control
Or we left the remote at home
And home is where the heart is "slained".

Easy step 1-2-3
Practice makes perfect
And perfection is not in a day
It goes a long way
Through thick and thin
Through lots of pain and impatient.

Take the 1st step - Acceptance
Reality is such a bitch and bastard
2nd step - Appreciate
Everything has its way of making things great
3rd step - Advance forward
Shrug, brush off the shoulders, don't be distracted.

Life is at such, the greatest Ad-Vance-Picture in fantastic colors
We have the remote control, to switch channels
We are in control of what we want to see and not;
Choices are in our hands, easy as it is been told (3A steps to follow)
Do we do it or we decide not
Or there is something more easier than steps - just pray to GOD!

3 Steps in human handling
1 Steps to God's listening.......