Monday, August 31, 2009

Make a Change Or Not, Today?

Enough of dreaming and enough of sleeping
Waking up before the alarm went off buzzing
The body is more than willing to jump out of bed
The eyes are closed lingering in thoughts
Today, this morning, it does feel different
The air is cold, and ultimately, a storm is brewing
There seems to be a some sadness lurking
But it will not dampen the spirit in anyway.

Thoughts of yesterday, remain at its path of past
All the sacrifices, no more, no more than just plans
No promises were ever to be mentioned anymore
The selfishness complicates the self righteousness
The battles are no more than just a momentary insanity
Today, this morning, the heart is as cold as the air itself
The passion is brewing like the storm outside.

There is certain doubt that arise in how much one can do to heal
There is certainly expectation in the making, when there is doubt
There will be discrepancies when there is imbalance for its expectations.

Though it is true, don't do unto others what is not wished upon oneself
Yet much has been undo cos of the promises which is yet to unfold
It will be most difficult for one to complements the rest of the world
Yet not impossible for one to make a change that will affect others.

A realization that the world is standing alone, on its axis
One soul less or one happiness sought, or one sadness shows
So what!
The universe itself will keep track of its statistic
Shall evolve to balance it accordingly.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Human Beings are walking by
People are busy with their own chores
Acquaintances brush shoulders without greetings
Friends hustle with future plans
Comrades are fighting their own battles
While I watched from where I am ..................;
Felt like being part of the crowd
Could help out in their chores
Let's do Hi and then Bye, but shudder I can too
The future seems interesting, but aint it unpredictable
Render assistances in the course of battles
Alas when I watched peacefully, I am not needed .................

The solitude is a pattern, I will not disrupt it.............

The one failure in life possible, is not to be true to the best one knows
Today, like any other day is not going to be my choice of failure
My best known is still a mystery for all
Unpredictable, with uncertainties, is of cos uncalled for
But life line has no 911 to dial
Then it is a choice, my life or your life
I choose mine!

Thus it begins HOPE again

Too much of disappointment, too much of pain
Too long of a waiting, before history repeat itself again
This time doesn't seem to be any different from last time
Except, now the hurt seems very unbearable, wish to die.

Looking around, you see all the happiness
All the world lovey dovey is floating around in mid air
Almost felt so shielded from it all
So protected even from cupid's arrow.

Slowly, feels like losing FAITH
Trying to cash on the love disease, which is so great
It is an epidermic that hits everyone else, but YOU!
All has been done, what else to do
Including hoping for the hopelessness, it is still HOPE
But the truth is not giving up, there is always a HOPE overdue.

It seems fine to lost the faith, but don't lose the hope of finding back the FAITH
For as long as it isn't about giving up just yet, there is still a chance of getting there
There is still a hope of opening the right door, and step through the doorway
There is the HOPE of finding that LOVE, eventhough the FAITH gave way
Thus it begins ... HOPE again
Though it might just end HOPE in pain ........
One ends meet another
The tail that touches the head, here is the ender, there is the starter.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beary ... Feary ... Teary .... Weary

Don't think that there is no wise thoughts in the mind, when the lips are sealed
The eyes that roved, the ears that are pricked, silence is a will
Observing the one who spoke, who blurted, who angered, who sighed
In many of the actions, and reasons, there, humor enlighted
But there is no laughter, the air is densed with intensity
The humor is a snigger, especially when the heart is at the edge.

No matter is ever so huge, that there is no solution
Even pain is nothing permanent, not emotions
Yet sometimes understanding, doesn't mean it is easy to bear
Looking brave and courageous, fear can still linger in the back
Even when there is no indication of much sentiments, there are tears
Even upon the face, a smile wears.

Advices are not given freely, not that they are chargeable
But when sometimes a friend only want a listener, not a counsellor
The wisdom that is not share, is not lost forever
Although it seems like a gift that is useless
At the back of the head, lingers the thoughts that are fresh
When the wisdom is required, it can be acquired in a flash
Yet in the meantime, silence is respect
For a friend who is just a friend in need of a shoulder.

Beary ...
Feary ...
Teary ...
Weary ...

In the heart, in the mind, bear the similar feelings
Fear the most of what everyone has feared before
The eyes many times have tears many more folds
Until the soul is weary and lie down to die.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Failed or Never Tried

Always at the back of your head, there is always a plan to do something
To achieve something in life, or just to make that one decision that may induce fear,
The fear that it might not turn out as planned
Or worried if there is more consequences to face at hand,
A due cause for procrastination
And eventually some form of regrets,
Sometimes, there is little comfort from the twisted fate
That whatever that didn't happen was never meant to be,
Cos nobody is courageous enough to change the course of the events
Or even at least tried to change it.

Every now and then, we are bound to fail in something we attempt
Just probably, not too significant, that we became totally ignorant,
We failed to be punctual - let's just hope it is not habitual
We didn't have lunch, though we wanted to - it is all eventual,
So often, yet so uneventful - these are the failures that are acceptable
Cos it was done, with little consequences to face up to,
The fear is there, but very minimum
If that has been the case, why stop trying now?
Even the dilemma may be greater
The aftermath may be critical,
Surely, nothing which is of the matter of life and death
Just some cuts and bruises, from others' wrath.

Nevertheless, it is a choice
Some of us do have instincts and inner voice, or superstition,
Alas, a choice is made every single day
If not today, tomorrow anyway.

Everyone is a failure at something
Better than be a coward who won't try doing anything.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Changing "ME"

People have been sharing their sorrows
Some so bad, as if there will be no tomorrow
The lowest point of life, felt like walking to the gallows;
Or the head to the guillotine
Looks like all plans not executed
The future holds not single assurance.

People fret, and try other means to achieve success
People get angry, and out of anger, become too defensive
People lost hope, and sad, some take on their own lifes;
Every day is more miserable than before
Tomorrow, the worst is in store
No happiness, just sadness and anxiety is adding more.

There has been advice that we can change our own destiny
Thus, many events, we can rectify to our needs
But isn't that what have been done, and yet...........
The cycles repeat itself, the same sentiments repeated
All except the joy, the triumphant, the content
Alas, all that is .... more frustration and defeat.

Have one ever ponder that changing the course of destiny, is changing "ME"?
Changing the mindset, and let the events, as they be
Thus accept the outcome of all the courses, and be wise and happy;
Numbers are easy to count, money easy to find, but emotions uncontrollable
As much as they are so unpredictable
But can still make the best out of it, and be happily comfortable.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind Boggling

There might be a formula to succeed in life
To be rich, to be famous, to be successful
Also then, there must be a formula to stay alive
To be happy, to be contented, to be smiling
Just like there is an equation to mass
There is a logical explanation to accidents
As well as scientific clarifications for life existence
Once they are studied, observed, understood and memorized
Nothing is ever mind boggling anymore
When knowledge is gained.

Yet admist the geniuses, there is a fool
There is also a forlorn, the failure, the black sheep
So where did the equations go wrong?
How did the scientific and mathematical applications been misused?
Or there is just pure stupidity that allowed the downfall?
What irrationality could possible be an acceptable excuse?

While the rich mind boggled on the poor
While the lame mind boggled on the rich
While there is a minority who couldn't be bothered....

Just leave the mind boggling business to those who don't want to live
LIVE and continue to present the reasons for them to mind boggle
For the true and real meaning of happiness....
Is just as simple as it is presented right in front of the eyes - envision
It is right under the nose - enhance the senses

Monday, August 17, 2009

Life & Death

A pre-destined journey
It is given without been asked;
It can be a lie
A fabricated tall story
Of the mind, soul, body and heart.

A pre-termination contract
Of life taken without prior notice;
It is a stake
Of souls in Russian Roulette
It is often a losing deal.

We hold the key to our own Life & Death
Yet we are also the biggest Joker
No mysteries have been unravel
Remains with its best kept traits and secrets.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Questions after Questions

There are always going to be questions about our life
The adventures that we want to make it exciting
The reasonings that we want to find when things go wrong
The comfort that we want to feel when all is well
But there is no definite answer that will satisfy
Only amplify more questions
Endless strings of queries, jolted from the curiosity of the mind
But there is no universal answer for all
Or there IS, if only one can identify it already.

We asked about others, from others, as much as we ourselves
Trying to understand, finding the in between underlying meaning
Like fitting pieces of jigsaw puzzles, finding the right pieces that belong
But it is not always fitting, by now, can't now already tell
There is also no one size fits all, though one should really try
It will only result in more questions
Looking for a sign, until one falls back behind
Pick up the phone, call someone, or just pray, upon Him one call
Questions after questions, look for the Master Key, and all mysteries solved eventually.

It is not that difficult really
Once the rootcause is found and eliminated, answers are ever ready!

All the questions, and all the answers?
What is there to be gathered?
Don't be indulgence in the curiosity
Let's try to focus on living simply ...................

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"I Know How U Feel"

There is trust; The very crust of the friendship
When you open up your heart; When you are hurted
Where shoulders are not enough; Ears are 2, here to behold
Speak, break the silence between; Unwind and redeem yourself.

Quoted "I know how you feel"; Trufully
Every step of the journey; Just like walking down memory
Pictures of the past, the pain, the horror; Only now, pleasant as ever
The emotions are detached; No more, pledged.

Trust, and believe; Let go and release
Be free, and regain your freedom; Be free, be independant
The old will go, and the new come; Say good bye, as you welcome
Walk out the door, and smell the fresh air; Don't be afraid, all will be fair.

Quoted "I know how you feel"; Trust me, simply
For trust you have, when you opened up your heart; It isn't so hard
Take another step forward; There will be a pillar of strength if you fall back
Worry not, it shall all be well; From here, there is chimes of happy bell.

Sharing; Whilst listening
The wisdom of experience; Holds much truth, if you believe
But the wisdom only useful if shared; Shared for one truly cares
As it speaks to the heart of the listener; Listen to the words of the giver.....

"I know how you feel" ..... it is for real.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Dreams

We all have dreams, dreams of many sort, dreams of many things
Dreams that creep in when we lay down in bed to sleep
Dreams that we created in our mind, when we are so wide awake
Dreams that we weaved from the envious of the others
Dreams that we nurtured for the sake of the world.

We all have dreams, dreams that come and go, as time passes by
Dreams that are as high as heaven above
Dreams that are as simple as a flower in the garden
Dreams that are beautiful like the clouds in the sky
Dreams that are just purely a dream to begin with.

We all have dreams, dreams that might come true, or might wither away
Dreams that might be remembered, become a memorial of success always
Dreams that might be the fall of own self dignity and pride
Dreams that have no rewards and no prize, but a hefty price
Dreams has no limitations, except been set by ourselves.

My dreams, are simple as just eating and sleeping
My dreams, are wealthy by health and by spiritual being
My dreams, are simplicity of all beautiful and ugly
My dreams, are simply, waking up in the morning, smiling
My dreams, are everything about tomorrow, bright and beautiful
My dreams, are all about life that appears before, so bountiful
My dreams, are not forgetting to live each day to the fullest
My dreams, are living till Death comes to my bed
My dreams, are loving all till there is no more to give
My dreams, are giving back to you, every single bit of me.

Dreams ... we dreamt, and we keep on dreaming
Your dreams are somehow ... my dreams in the making.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is it, LOVE?

The infant is laid upon the side of the mother
For the first time, been cradled for the first time, in the world
The LOVE of a mother to a child, is selfless and full of sacrifices.

The little child knows the father and the mother
Momma and Dadda are the very first few words been uttered
Will know the LOVE of the parents will never wither through time.

At 15, there will be the first crush, the first infactuation
The first heart ache, the first time for everything
Will know for the first time that LOVE hurts.

Growing up fast, and falling in love faster
There will be crash courses on life's expeditions
Will know the many faces of LOVE, and its many paths.

Even when maturity comes at later age
Doubt if the mind and heart grows any wiser
For there are many mysteries about LOVE not discovered yet.

As time goes, and age is catching up faster than the heart beat
The faith is growing weary, and fate is disappearing at the horizon
LOVE has come and LOVE has gone.

Then one day, there is no more tomorrow
No more chance to learn about the most beautiful, and most ugly thing called LOVE
What is it, LOVE?
How is it when we are born to accept LOVE?
Then as we progressed, we learn to analyse LOVE
At the end, we are still plagued by LOVE
So what is it, LOVE?
What is it about LOVE?

Can't Help It

Hey there, my dear
I am here, so near
But not sure, if you know I am here
Cos I think in your heart, there is someone else.

I am here, smiling from ear to ear
When you talk, when you said my name
I know this will always remain the same
Cos I know, in my heart, it burn this flame
But not sure, if you feel the same too
But I can't help it, even if you don't.

I think that you are so angelic
I think you look so lovely
I think that we should be together
Although in your heart, you might have another.

I am here, waiting for you to come around
When you come, I will be so near, round the corner of you
I have more than 50 reasons why we should be together
Why we are so perfect being a couple
But when I see you, I just froze with just a smile
I don't know how to tell you, I just can't help myself.

I am trying to tell you
I have been trying to do so
I am sending you letters
When you least expected
I am writing you poems
Dedicating them all to you alone
I am reminding you so many times
You will never be forgotten regardless
I am not hiding the facts that I do care
Although I can't be there
I am not keeping my thoughts to myself
But I can't help it, that the ultimate truth remains a secret.

I can't help it that this is how I felt, when I first saw you
Can't help having those feelings that I do
I can't help it, if I am still been discreet
Can't help keeping something a secret in me
Just CAN'T HELP IT ....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Somewhere Out There

As the journey of life continues
There will be many detours along the road....

Sometimes the path is bumpy
Sometimes smooth but slippery,
Sometimes there are puddles of water
Sometimes there are holes that are covered,
Not careful, one can fall victim to own carelessness
Or too careful, fall victim to scrupulous circumstances,
There is really no fool proof way that there is no hurt
That one can be so well protected from the harm of others,
Also one can't be so well mannered to please everyone
And so often, not even get what one wants.

One fall, and stumble
One fumble and tumble,
One mumble, and be lost of words
One be too humble, that is a lost of worth,
Then one question the integrity of the world
Asked for the meaning of these all,
Can it be put a stop to this misery
Then find answers to this life's mysteries,
Can one change the destiny
And fine a reason to smile for eternity.

The road may not always be so straight
Just keep on moving forward ahead,
One is bound to be stronger at the end of the day
Will find oneself wiser, learning always,
Along the way, there will be friendships
Who will come to our aid,
There is wishful thinking of finding someone whom, is meant to be
If one would like to continue to believe, in that myth or belief.

Somewhere out there .........................

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thinking is a waste of time
Ransacking the mind
Terrorising the peace within
Disrupting the harmony.

The dilemma of a crossroad
The uncertainties, don't know what to do
Don't know where to go
Lost, then and now, also!

Thoughts are just fictions of tomorrow
Based on presumptions, of times being a coward
What the future holds, nobody will surely know
Least be GOD, then what on tarnation are you doing on EARTH?

Don't mixed up thoughts with instincts
They too are baseless and they can too sting
For there is no crystal balls to pierce your eyes in
There is no meth to get yourself all high and mighty.

Is it ever possible not to think, least it is required at work?
For there are more worth in it, that is been put into words
Otherwise, thinking is just putting oneself into a whirlwind pool
Jeapordizing oneself, and running amok!

Thinking is a waste of time
When it is really not required
Rest your tired mind
Leave the thoughts by the bed post, and sleep!