Monday, February 7, 2011


Even when the sun doesn't shine on you, a shadow lurks
The pride, the status, the prestige, the love and the hurts,
There is a baggage, there is a burden
There is the knowledge of the learned,
Ignorance may be bliss
The unlikely fool in the midst,
As still water runs deep
A cry amongst the heart beat.

The best of each person in clear view
The best trait due,
Oppressed and hidden
Never justified,
The pain seems gone, but not subsided
Disappeared, yet it hides,
The veil covers
What one waits, for it to be discovered.

The shadow lurks, hovering
The past lingers, haunting,
Thoughts sitting in the corner of the mind
Something just cannot yet be left behind,
Even a hand so ready to lead the way
A waiting heart ready to make the day,
But how long will the hand be extended
How long the heart beats remains.

See the kindness in the soul
See the heart of gold,
Feel the warmth that flows
The love that glows,
So much that be felt
Much more is been held,
How beautiful and wonderful
Yet how shameful.

Put the blame on the prestige that sets the mark
The hurt that has left a scar,
Blame the one who lifted up the trophy
The one who is so full of irresponsibility,
Creating the shadow, which now resident evil
For all the good and bad, been done, devil.

The shadow, like a fugitive
Fueled by thoughts and feelings,
Like a King, commanding
Like a ruthless killer, killing slowly,
Please please please .... the begs and the pleads
Let it go, let it go, before it spreads like cancerous disease
Don't let the shadow grow and glooms
Let's fight, let's grow bright and strong,
For time won't wait
For the hope, it will never be too late.