Monday, August 15, 2011

Sad, too Sad

In the mind, there is an image of an imperfect angel
A figure whom once gathered awe and admiration
For once wise to advise and inspiring
Yet as time goes, when the world falls upon the shoulder
Like a falling angel, steadfast on the earthly soil
Contaminated with the earthly virtues
An imperfect angel indeed, deformed and grotesque
Sad, too sad.

In the heart, kept all the goodness of an angel
Remembered all the kindness that once rendered
The warmth that has radiant so freely and willingly
The gestures of love, that is as genuine as it will be
Alas, a fallen angel indeed, rooted and nurtured with the earthly nature
Imperfection is just another comparison to earthlings
Sad, too sad.

Though in the path of righteous, the angel still walked
Sinking into the sincerity, that perhaps only seem sincere
But the reflection of truth may only be too far away
The contradiction cannot be denied
Nor by one, but by many who have beared witness
An imperfect angel, now a fallen angel
Sad, too sad.

~ A smile is forced upon the face
Reclining smile that hopes remain but not for too long
The reasons for the fallen angel, not truly known
But should action speaks louder than word, then it couldn't go too wrong
Sad, too sad still.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sigh at the Signs

Slowly, walking down the path
Anticipating in the wrath
As the truth eventually unwrap;
Piece by piece, the evidence revealed
Not at all amused nor appeal
Thank goodness, the truth didn't kill;
Least not kill the spirit
Just removed the merits
THAT IS WHAT IT IS, the truth befits.

Slowly, layer by layer peeled
The truth is seen
How fuggly and tragic, it is;
Life has never failed to drop a surprise
Without any effort, nor even an attempt to try
But tears are no more to cry, just heaved a sigh;
Not surprised, yet it is disheartening
Nature has taken its course, so tragically
The end is coming, how according, cos it is a cry of help, failing.

Could one curse and damn the one to hell of no return
But on the contrary, a moment of silent
In prayers recite
The eyes from the heaven
The sickle that slayed earth haven
Will carry out its justice
With a clench of fist
Once and for all

Sigh, at the signs of things coming
How saddening.