Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Dreads

Wake up in the morning, there you are sound asleep in the bed
Nothing will stir you awake, drifting in dreams
A peck on the cheek, a smile at the corner of the lips
As I walked out the door, I left with no dreads.

So much is to be said, but you have requested silent
Not in so much word you said so, but rebuttal, rebuke
A slash on the wrist, a slap on the face, virtually
As I swallowed my words, I breathed with no dreads.

The responsibilities, the chores, the obligations
Everything that is within my means, I shall not complain
For whole heartedly, I do, I fulfill
As one day, I am gone abruptly, Death couldn't torment at all.

The prayers that have been said, drained away in my sleep
My hands on my heart, my brain shut down slow
If I don't finish my pray in time, before the next
Deep down in my heart, I will never dread.

Nobody will know, until the next one fill the shoes
Nobody will truly understanding, until the shoes are worn
Day in and day out, and through all the ups and downs
Still I shall never dread, cos it will not have the same outcome.

There will be a time for farewell, good byes and all
But there will never be a time for dreads
A brave face, a smile stern, the heart aches
The tears hidden, the emotions are in disguise
The strength that is to be gathered for the battle
Is worth it till the end, cos I will never dread indeed.

They Said...

They said ... be careful what you wished for
It may just come true after all,
Especially when it is the least expected
Then there will be no time to regrets.

They said ... what goes around comes around
It is as true and a reality, as irony as it may sound,
It makes sense to stop awhile, and look at the past
Those flash back of memories, while they still last.

They said ... you can't please everyone all the time
Apple polishing is not worth while,
Especially when you are been unappreciated
And the situation is not going to change.

They said ... if you got nothing nice to say, it is best to keep quiet
So nothing wrong to remain silent,
Words less spoken, is errors been minimized
But it also means that one will be victimized.

Apparently "they said" about many things
They are free to say as they think,
Yet unfortunately, not many as fortunate as "they"
We on the other hand, just do as much as we can, fair.

We harbour things in the heart, not said
Even said, what is there to gain,
If not dispute, arguments and misunderstand
Until the day we die, we said became "they said".

Once then, what does not make sense
It means so much more than been said,
Injustice, prejudice, judgemental
That is the way it goes, right now.

They said ... patience is good virtue
And it is true,
So let's remain vigilant
Our laments, hopefully perish in silent.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Sometimes, one must look at things at face value, just as it is
Accept that changes cannot be done, live with it, whatever shit;
This is simplicity
But simplicity hides all the complexity,
When nobody has the courage to look into it
And realize, some improvement can be done at the end,
Thus simplicity, remains a hedious happy disguise
That may harbours regrets that come later in life.

Sometimes, one must look at the domino effect, inter-relativeness
Underneath the face value, there is more greater lessons to learn from it,
Taking a little bit of time to stop and ponder
To sit back, listen and understand the matter,
That once, thought complex and unnecessary
Is the honesty that is fighting to be free,
A voice been muted, cos nobody is really listening
There are stories to unfold, just waiting,
Till later, when it is too late
Waiting at pearly gate.

Who has the knowledge to weight the "sometimes"
The tedious social crime, the silent sobbing in the night,
Who plays the role, what to do
Who leads, where to go?
Who knows for sure, what is hidden
Or aware, that is the end of the beaten path,
The knowledge, that is not a knowledge
The knowing which is just draining,
The fact that is misleading
The truth is that is fading,
Because who decides on "SOMETIMES"


There are times, one feels 2nd best to everything,
everything done is not enough, insufficient,
there is lacking, that is somehow,
the expectation is always raise along the way,
a social race, a paper chase, it is a competitive life,
and at the end, can't help feeling tired.

Regardless, whatever,
one is just never perfect,
even as one try as hard as one can,
one is still bound to make mistakes along the way,
which is not acceptable, cos one is suppose to have matured,
but life is never, yet, a perfected picture,
until the day the coffin door closed in the face,
2 hands laid upon the chest, in peaceful embrace.

Unfortunate, for some, the road is a long way to go,
there are still much to be done,
yet, also as unfortunate, for some, whose journey has been abrupt,
too brief to make amends, for all those hiccups,
no time to say proper farewell,
to apologize for all life's dwellings.

So, along the way of life, the path, the journey,
one ask questions, to seek answers to curiosity,
then accept, that is the life been given,
that is also the life that one must be forsaken,
to go with the flow, with the storm, the current,
regardless of the torrent, till life ends when it ends.

The conclusion to T.R.U.S.T.
a curious one will ask, and will seek,
to become contented and not question further,
TRUST a clarification and not question another,
for at the end of the day, the answers count,
clarification is just to cover doubts,
TRUST is to learn and to accept,
after knowing, the fact.