Friday, January 30, 2009

Fate & Destiny II

My dear ole faithful friends - Faith & Destiny
Why have you come to render me such experiences?
How many times must I sit to lament choices of others?
What have I been doing wrong, except to be as humane?
Where did I cross the line and trespass the forbidden land?
When will it be that I am no longer punished for another's adversary?

Tests after tests, I have taken without protest
Whatever come my way, I take it all in my stride
No matter how painful, and how my heart shatters into zillion pieces
I didn't fight back, and questioned your reasonings
For I always trust .. good will beget good, and vice versa
Please don't change my perspective, and I know all will be doomed.

Fate & Destiny
Once you are kind, then you are cruel
Once you are nice, then everything you undo
You take away what I have found and cherished
Yet you know deep inside, I will never cease to appreciate
Will you break me, until I wither slowly away?
Will you smoother me softly, and gently, in my sleep then tonight?
For you know me well, my dear ole friends
I will never have any regrets, when my life comes to an end
So what tests are in store for me then this time?
What lessons in life, it will cover now?

Fate & Destiny
You have always stayed by me
You paved the path of my life
You played, while I struggle to stay alive
I can't call you my enemies
What should I call you then, indeed
Just Fate & Destiny?
Or are you God & Lucifer, in disguise?
Ohhh .. amaze me .... amuse me
Humor me ... least I die happy.

Deep in my heart, I pray
In my prayers, I say:
"May happiness be upon all my friends"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Quitter

The quitter, should I call you the coward
Cos you are irresponsible towards your own decision
You lash out on your love ones, cos of their flaws
Instead of confronting adversaries
Instead of appreciating the wonderful things you didn't know exist;
Cos you are impatient
You decided to sneak out at the crack of dawn
You been wishful, there is a greener pastures
Instead you should have just persisted;
You have no idea, the hurt you have rationed
But somehow, it is okay, if you want to call
Cause you realized something is missing
But darn, you are so very lucky.

Quitters are Lucky
Luck one day will run out, so buckle up, and appreciate it when you have a 2nd chance
For 2nd chance is golden opportunities, one day will cease to appear at your doorstep;
Quitters don't test destiny
Another's happiness and heart is in your hand
Don't destroy it, don't break it again.

Always Ready

I believe in the power of the thoughts
I trust in the power of the prayers
I know how to turn the bad to the good
I have the courage to stand strong and face the world
I found the ultimate reason to live, and to die;
I can always right the wrong
I can access the game players
I will understand, as I understood
I will stand outside, and see it as the whole
I am ready with my halo, as well, with my good bye.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Care Bear - Shines !

Do you remember the cartoon series back in the 80's called Care Bears?

They are really adorable bears
In different colors and personalities, and have a heart they wear
Don't underestimate their cuteness, don't think they are pushed over
Cos when crisis calls, they come together, and they stand united as one!
One heart!
In real life, that is something that is so hard to come by....

There is hardship, sadness, disappointment surrounding us all the time
There is lack of disrespect, unappreciativeness lurking in corners of our life
Alone, fighting to keep justice of humanity
Walking on tight rope, and running high on optimicism
It is never easy
But still needs Care Bear - Shines!
The good vibes need to be spread around and share
As long as I am here, I would always care
No matter how weary it is going to bring me down to my knees and hands
I will do whatever I can.

Care Bear - Shines!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your Own Thoughts

Why does the air seems so much fresher?
The space seems so much vaster?
The skies look clearer and bluer?
Where does the breeze come from?

Seriously, the pasture not really greener
The air is not less polluted
The population not immensely lesser
But somehow sitting here just feels different.

There is really nothing different here or there
At least not absolutely significant
Otherwise, everyone would have known and make a fuss
Yet you don't always get the same perspective.

Just take a moment to clear your mind, your heart, your soul
Listen to your own thoughts, chilling, calmly.


When there is no words to describe the feelings
- is raw new experiences;
When there is no profound inspirations
- is the dwelling of new emotions;
When simple gratitude is not sufficient
- is actually too special to describe;
When all become so speechless and awe striken
- the person must not be taken for granted;
When a person can hold your thoughts and catch your tongue
- the person is definitely special and one of a kind from heaven to you;

If words are none, there should be other ways to express gratitude, appreciation and love in other modes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Knowing Nothing

Start each day, knowing nothing, and hoping to gain something
Ignorance is bliss, and attaining new insights is blest
Stored up what we learnt yesterday, and open our heart to new possibilities
Locked up our pride, and it is okay if other thinks you are stupid (hahahahaha)
If I make some mistakes, oh blame me ... duh .. silly!
At some point of life, who is going to have the last laugh and the last gas (I am full of farts)

Continuing the journey of life ....
Living each day, and been grateful to be alive
Jubilant about daily accomplishment, as simple as just a smile
Each day, having a job to attend to, though unproductive at times
Thinking about breakfast, lunch and dinner, and gym, and exercises
Wanting to meet up with friends, and chat over a cuppa tea and coffee
Making trips to see love ones, or just dropping by next door, to see a relative.

There are times, our instincts call to our attention
Making decisions, out of the blue, no specific reasons
Or sometimes, plans are altered, can be such nuisance
But if you can do things on your own, do it with zest of independance
Even if it means, someone bailed out of you, last minute
Carry on with your life, and you will find no regrets
Cos right now I know nothing, but at the end of the day, I would definitely have.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't Define .. Let It Is ...

Is this long distance relationship?

Is this an open relationship?

Is this a platonic romantic affair?

It is everything, under the sun that fares,

Why limit ourselves to the boundaries of common practice?

When we can still be friends, lovers, confidante, in each other’s life,

Why set rules and regulations, presumably to safeguard ourselves

Instead of just to enjoy each day and let tomorrow be

There is a great surmount of comfort that comes forth

Makes the sharing of our lives, so much more worth

This is truly the LOVE

God given, and God blest, from above.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Live Now ... (For Goodness Sake!)

Sometimes I am serious, and so meticulous
Sometimes so carefree, that all think I am a fool and a jerk,
Almost feel like I am a chameleon
Or merely a play wright on stage, without the limelight,
I do have a message to spread across
From an alien to the earthlings, all on board...

"Live now, before the earth is consume by your greed
Live now, and smile, thus your life is not engrossed by your worries"

**Chuckle chuckle**
**Giggle giggle**
**Sheepish grin**
**Evil smile**
**Laff out Loud**
**Roll On The Floor & Play Death**

I am generally not afraid of adversaries
Been alive so long, they are my buddies,
Faithful ones, sometimes, and wonder if they leave
Will they go on vacation, and give me room to breathe?
Nice to have them around, for reality check
Be realistic about things sometimes, they slapped my cheeks!
Sore and painful, but it is a wake up call
It is time to move a step forward, no time to stall.

Adversaries are bad vibes altogether
Despite good lessons to gather,
So tiring, and so demoralizing at times
But I am really not the one to whine,
Take it at a stride
Gulp it down, swallow my pride,
Been optimistic, something good will come out of it
If not today, tomorrow will, yeah .. that is the spirit!

Well the future is tomorrow, and considered it far away still
If I count by the hours, the minutes and the seconds to be precise,
Today, I still have so much to do, and endure
Tomorrow will come, so don't fret, that is much assured,
May it rain or shine, earthquake or flood, calamities or peace
Tonight, I must erase my worries, and sleep with ease,
Tomorrow I will wake up, feeling good, brand new and free
Then tomorrow is today, it is a vicious cycle..... (oh heck .... Live now!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I must have said a many times, don’t even bring out the word “IF”
Because we aren’t God and we can’t predict the future, so leave it
If I said “IF”, it is really purely fantasizing
Thinking outside of the box, and trying to be creative.

Gone passed the past, living in the present, and think of the future
Let’s take the brushes, dabble with colors, and paint a canvass with picture
It is a free hand of imagination
Indulge without any moderation.

Tease me a little
Tickle me further.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Randomixing ....

My writings, my blogs, my thoughts have gone from chirpy to rather seriously creepy
But i am really not that serious, but then nobody really believe anything I say, leave it;
I said I am happy go lucky, and I am a social bummer, it means I am a party animal?
Then I said I will do good for myself this year, and I will go back to school ... yay!
What?! ... their jaws dropped, and their tongue rolled out like red carpet
Why don't they just drop their wallets, and let the bucks flow instead?

I want to hit the gym, and get shots of endorphines ( i need to get a new dictionary)
Why don't they sell this off the shelf, it makes like so simple;
Change of plans, change of time, cos of the traffic jam
More reasons .. I am getting sad;
I will play squash in my hall, and have polka dot walls
You will be amaze how I didn't manage to smash up anything else;
I will take a shower now, and I can't find my towel
Only to realize, I sent it to laundry, oh well ( i have spare ones);
I called and texted many people, and yes, I got replies
Then I got myself fully booked, and I said .. next week would be nice! (sorry-la)
Am I mean? Am I manipulative?
Am I not human .... or you really believe I am alien being?

There are a zillion things that I want to do right now
I need to get my ass off the chair, and start going
I have the "last minute" Malaysian attitude
Should I be proud I am a Malaysian, should I be proud I have attitude!
I don't have an attitude, cos it is really too pea-size to take notice
But you have better go into your hiding place, when I am really pissed!

It has been some time since I randomize my thoughts
I have always been careful not to increase the intensity of my brain knots;
I am fun you know, but in very strange ways
Do I need to justify myself all the times, always?
If I do, it really means I care to let you know
If I don't, it prolly means life just goes on
Oh well, I shrugged my shoulders, and heave a heavy breathe (not sighing)
Don't worry, I didn't eat garlic or durian today ....

Randomixing .... I can be a dee-jay of many words
After all, I like to put my fingers in the bushels, can it get any worse?
Randomising ... randomixing .....
My gift of gab ... in between my brain cells ... gaps are filling.

Gotto ... running along
Tata ... things might go wrong
If I don't come back alive
Just remember, I had fun and I lived!

No Double Standard

People are more afraid to love, than to live, and than to die
People are more afraid to lose, than to appreciate
People always calculating the pros and cons, and not understanding free fall
Looking for answers, creating confusions out of reasons are just bluff.

I reckon everyone is looking for justification and satisfaction
Truly, everyone is just searching for the means of transition
Coming out from a comfort zone, and bleak about the future
That inevitable fear of the darkest spots in the picture
Been stagnant, and been routine, until it became mundane
That conjured boredom, that kill joy factor, a step away from being insane.

We are trying to be in control of ourselves
From our mind, to our heart, to our own actions, and consequences
Just keep one rule abreast
Then brave through life's quest..

Keep love in your heart, that keeps you alive
Keep love in your heart, it goes with you even when you die
The consciousness of loving, brings richness, not despair
Even when the love is unrequited, don't question how fair
Giving love, is like giving a smile that shines and bring warmth
Receiving love, is like a handshake, it is the bond that counts.

No double standard
Love truly from the heart
No hidden meaning
No other motives.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Resolutions

The ever popular 2009 Resolution - LOVE
Let's not jump to quickie conclusions, that it is all about relationship
Not is it everything about friendship
LOVE is more subtle, if not too intrinsic
If given the chance to help someone, I will never decline
I readily want to influence someone's life in a positive light
That is what I want to do, and that is all that matters.

Although, it can be such despair to know, that one has to lead by examples
Even worse is to lead by experience, especially the bad ones
When someone relate a story, and it hits you hard into your core heart
OUCH ... that is painful, but then take it with a pinch of salt, and laugh.

Bygones be bygones, it is those hardcore experiences that make you wiser
If they don't kill you spiritually, they just made you stronger
If they don't make you frail, you look smarter and more attractive
Hardship is gift, wrapped in the disguise of shit
But it is not something, each one of us want to put our finger into it...

It can be heart wrecking, life threatening, and emotionally draining
But perseverance, trust, and believing, is going to bring back sanity
It doesn't matter, how much effort it takes
Important, is trying to make a change
For the better from the worse
That is the objective, that is the purpose
Then whatever obstacles that comes in between
Always have the determination to resolve, and to win.

MY resolution - LOVE