Monday, September 5, 2011

Heaven and Hell

I would have known Heaven on Earth
Smitten and bounded by sweetness and kindness of words
For the struggles and hardship's worth;
The smiles upon the faces
The laughter which embraces
The gentle glances that graced;
I need not die to see Heaven at the doorstep every morning
To feel happiness as angels came a-greeting
Smiling, singing, joyfully accompanying.

For the things that I would have missed
If I could have trade my life in
I would have even trade Heaven for Hell, to have it all again on Earth;
The living being whom left behind
Living in peril, and struggling with life's within
Where all gone, except tears crying;
For the love of it all
I carry them with me as from Heaven I fall
From the memories, I burnt them into Hell's wall and door;
I will make Hell into my Heaven
For the sake of all that I have been blessedly given
For it no longer matters where I am for the moment.

Let it be Heaven and Hell
So swell I will be able to tell
For I have the best memories to dwell;
Good or bad
Happy or glad
Treasures or craps;
They all fill me up like pieces of jigsaw puzzles
Wrapped me up like a baby in a cradle
I will sleep with a smile forever.

Do I trade Heaven for Hell for you?
Tell me, what would you want to
Would you do the same, as you would ask me to do;
Would you see Heaven and Hell as beautiful as it is?
Or one is far more and less worthy?
What have you got to give in for eternity of serendipity?
I would show you a Heaven in Hell
I will tell you there is Hell in Heaven
Would you take the first step and trade now?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary

"Happy Anniversary"

Has it been this long, or has it been too short to realize
Have I thought we belong, or I have left it to fate's surprise,
But time has came and now has gone, now this present
All has been done, and songs sung, now sharing this sentiment,
If I didn't know it was you then, I still won't know today
If I have known then again, I still couldn't anticipate anyway,
But love and loving life, and love life, one way or another
It is good to reflect back, that till now we are still together.

Note: A tribute to everyone who is celebrating their Anniversaries, and it isn't the time that has lapsed, it is just the present that is the most meaningful to remember yesterday once more.