Monday, May 17, 2010

Rhythm of Life

It does feel good to wake up in the morning
Not too cold and not too hot
With an objective set in the mind
Wanting to jump out of the pyjamas into the suit
Grabbing breakfast on the way off to work
Can't wait to smell the air outside
Deafened by the noise of automation
Eyes wearied by the bustling sight of crowd on the street.

How would it feel to dance to the rhythm of honks and tonks
With the iPod in the ears, the beats, the bass and the electone
Blasting in sync with the unplug naturalistic
Dancing, prancing, hum and sing along
Unleash the raw musical talent which laid dormant
Commanding the 2 left feet to skip, leap and jump in fiesta
For the orchestra of the world is at everyone's command.

The rhythm of life, taking every little sound of the earth
Blending every creation of sound together
Putting all sadness and happiness into a raffle box
Like a lottery pick, shuffle them all up
Take a chance on life and taking fate by the neckline.

That is the rhythm of life, created by one own's hands
However it may sound, only one would know it best
Least be shared, and least it be announced and known
Then it is universal language, where words are needless, actions are futile
The feelings that come what may, is the ultimate sensation at the end of the day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Without Expectation

Love is indeed a gift, bestowed
We get it every now and then, we always do
Though some complained, they never do!
Cause it isn't what they have expected
Just not the way they have thought it is.

Love is a gift, we get at all occasions
Sometimes it is wrapped beautifully, we are amazed
But sometimes rather plain, not so impressed
Yet, it is a freely given gift
But it doesn't seem to meet expectations
Nor meet the eyes of our perspective.

Even if love does come and stay
A gift we hold so dearly and close to our heart
But as many great poets said, and as many would say
Don't have too much expectations, and changes are inevitable
Surely, are we meant to stay glued to the seat and watch
Watch so helplessly as things go astray and ruined before our eyes
When we know, we could make changes but not know the consequences
Shall we not take the risk to be honest, or shall we cowardly be laid back
Knowing it is everyone's mistakes, we learnt and yet we made now.

Did we take it so literary "Without expectations"
Let love comes and goes, as it is willed by destiny
Or when it comes, we shall embrace it without our might
With every knowledge gained, we should improve
Beyond the expectations of "mistakes"
That will cause love to cease and wither so sadly
Should it be "Without expectations"
Is we shall not be over ambitious of perfection
That we require drastic changes unnecessary
Especially in comparison to others, that caused despair
That it is not the effort to improve
But to a degree it impaired love that is already so beautiful.

We don't love to be loved
We love to love
Without expectations.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't think parents will read my blog, but perhaps the parents-to-be will learn now, and realize later when life brings them to places they thought strange and bizarre, but remember it will be normal by then.

As children, we are thought to pay respect to our parents
To listen and acknowledge their scoldings and nagging
As gestures of their undivided love for us.

As adolescent, we realized that it has been tough to be parents
Cos it is so hard to talk to them, and make them understanding
Our feelings, our thoughts, our lifestyle as it is
That we are at the learning curve, we are like a sponge
But at the end, we will know the right and the wrong.

As an adult, we looked at our parents and now we make realization
We just don't see eye to eye
We have very contradicting opinions on everything
Yet, we matured in our hardships and struggles
We learnt to be more understanding than our parents will ever be
For we are more forgiving, more tolerant and more patient
And mainly because they are our parents.

The struggle to maintain the drifted relationship with the parents
Remain a battle that will never meet its end
And might as well, will only end when death comes calling to the bedside
For those who have done so successfully, pray that continues.

While many a-times, we give in to the tantrums of the parents
Without any benefit of doubts of their maternal and paternal instints
But it is not often that they can earn their rights to rule our life
And if they do not understand that our life is in our own hand, then we shall defy
Perhaps they will think of us a defiant and unappreciative
But we hope that they will eventually realize, we have come a long way living.

Parents, we give our thanks to them for our existence
For their guidance, if they are the right path to follow
Or we will go on the road which we have chosen
For that is the journey will go on, and with many encounters
We will never go back to them, and blame them for anything
For at the end of the day, it is our decision
We only pray they will learn to let go of the control
And to realize that they are sometimes wrong in their governance
Least they have no confident in us, thus they doubt themselves only more
We steadfast holding to our principles, and grow by our virtues groomed.

Parents, we thank you
But don't rule us for the sake of being parents
Parents, we adore you
But don't take us for fools for your old fashioned rules
Parents, we are part of you
Least you are the one who stubbornly pushed us away
Parent,s we give you your respect
Least you deemed not fit for that!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Memories, like green leaves
Spreading over the branches of trees
Fertile, by mother nature
Memories, they can't seem to leave
Free to roam wherever they want to be
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, all the future.

Memories of gift given, and taken
Kept in treasure box like token
Then kept in a little corner up in the attic
Someday they will be stumbled upon, a little frantic
Remembering, and how sweet they used to be
Or how painful the past has been.

Memories can be discarded
Yet some do with a heavy heart
Reluctant, unable to let go
So they are kept till another day to behold
Behold with pain, and misery
Telling the past of sorrowful story
Tears rolling down the cheeks
The heart aching, draining all the energy
A day of reckoning and remembering
But behold the day will go on lingering
Forgetting that the future is waiting
But will always willing.

Memories are pieces of imagination
Locked up somewhere in the subconscious
They can be called upon
Of they can be locked up forever in the box
Nobody knows for sure what effect it will have
Perhaps none, perhaps grave
Perhaps it can stop time
Perhaps it can halt life
But undoubtfully it changes lives
Just whether the reasons are good enough.

They said that we are all the shape of the past
Be grateful of that cast
They said that what doesn't kill us make us stronger
Be grateful if we didn't turn out to be stranger
They said that memories are meant to be cherished
Be grateful, be forgetful but memories don't perish even if we banish
They said that the future waited for no one
Right ON, so make the memories of tomorrow if you want
Or wait for now to be the past, and become bitter memories
Then wished to have written a different set of stories
Regrets are memories, that lingers for not doing what one could do
Memories are regrettable, if one couldn't let go and let the seeds be sowed.