Sunday, September 26, 2010

Evolution ....

all the "diseases" on earth is circumstancial effect of humans expectations that dwells within all society globally. ... Ahlien

It is a mistake for aliens invasion on earth
Better for them to get out as soon as they could
The infected and infested earth
It just aint worth.

Aliens life form exists
As long as they stayed away from this orbit
The pollution
Is the worst of all exploitations and explosions.

Aliens known to have invade earth
Left its existence, telling of great development
But at the end, it just seems civilization is doomed
What is the good of alien knowledge if it aint used for good.

While other life forms perished
Some slowly vanished
Looking for elsewhere
A better place to dwell
But not earth, at least no more
It aint as it used to be before
How sad, the deterioration
In the name of globalization
How pathetic, the downfall of mankind
Is all mankind in the making
The Evolution
The path to Extinction.

It is time to turn the space ship around
Pick up the aliens who have stayed too long
Hurry before IT dies together with mankind
Quick before IT suffocates alongside earthlings ....

The hatred, manifested from expectations
The expectations, manifested from comparisons
Comparisons manifested from self loathe
Self loathe that manifested from the quest of love
Love ... for everything, except ONE self
One self deteriorates according to hatred for others
This is the more vicious cycle that is been observed
The extra ordinary effect that dwells no where better than within one self.

Yet all doctors find excuses in others
Using medicine to recover
While human beings find excuses always
Without making much changes each day
While everyone look outward to everything else
But than look at the reflection in the mirror right in front of them
Blinded, deafed, immuned, dumbed, numbed and drugged
Blame it on ................... LIFE IS TOUGH! MONEY NOT ENOUGH!
Damn the rich is getting richer
The poor getting poorer
Why aint nobody talks about healthier?
Wealthier by the virtues gathered daily?
Material things has weakened all the bondings
Expectations has destroyed earthlings, slowly, and surely.

Evolution hasn't promise a new future
The new generation hasn't been given a new adventure
Evolution has instead left the earth with a tiny spot of hope
The new generation will die in desperation to find that needle in a haystack.

Time for aliens to get back into their old space ship
Time to move out with this degrading and disgraceful stories to transcript
But truly Earth is full of inspirational stories
Of the many few left who struggled with their life, but slowly dying.

Farewell ..... Evoluation has halted a new generation
Evolution may have advanced technically, but spiritually, a damnation.