Monday, June 29, 2009


Life is by experiences
Experiences are by choices
But in life, we pay dearly for the experiences
Of every choice that we made
Sometimes we will be in debt
Sometimes we will be enriched
Sometimes the price is so dear
We, never be afford to make any mistakes
But we must live life, each day
Gripped by speculated fear
Endorsed by statistical success
We could never weigh all the factors
Choices are enforced
It is always a risk intact
Even a risk to live another day of our life.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now What .....

It used to be arranged marriage
A traditional ritual
It used to be love at first sight
All is wonderful and blithe
It used to be love at first byte
Every word structured right
Now what .....

Passion flies
Fireworks in the skies
Romance under the moon light
Love dwells and entwined into life
Now what .....

There are indifferences
As arguments set in
There are expectations
Different point of views, opinions
Same sentiments of differ words
Laments, that become nostalgic
What happened to all those magic
Gone in a scurry
Lost, and buried
Not exactly
But now what .....

Chemistry has changed
Evolved in a different chain
Connection cut and snapped
It is a dead bed pan
The feelings not the same
But it is the same old flame
The rules has changed
But it is the same old game
Nobody reached out their hand
Nobody wants to understand
It is just easier to let go
A little peace will come to the soul
No treaty, no compromises
Nothing will ever be as it used to be
Take a look at your self
Have you been the same throughout
So they said Changes are inevitable
Emotions are unpredictable
And now what .....

Read between the lines of the lies, you will see the truth out there
Read between the fragments of your thoughts, you will find the truth out there
After that is now what .....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good as Death

Have you not felt ... you have done much for someone, whether in the name of love, or in the name of friendship, and know without a doubt, you are just taken for granted?

Have you not felt ... you will still continue to give even you know you are taken for granted?

Have you not felt ... you have been slapped in your face, slashed in your wrist, that it will only hurt and nothing else ?

Have you not felt ... pain is the sweetest pleasure?

Have you not felt ... the pain when you sleep, the peace when you are death, and sweetness when you feel nothing more anymore?

The verdict: Good as DEATH (mortifying and gratifying; humbling and moving)

Finale - THANK YOU

At every crossroad, we take a little time to stop and ponder
Which path to choose, and what consequences will be encountered
Following gutsy instincts, or through logic of the most taken road
One path, we must go................

Along the chosen road, there will be excitement
As well as many predicaments
Everything is designed with many things to learn
Each will eventually lead to the things yearn

One day, all has come to a sudden death
When thrown into great depths
When the struggle begins
When it will surely also ends.

Finally .... the Finale ....
Whether in a dark hole, so dark and chilly
Under the clear sky, so warm and breezy
Will I be able to see the visions of my past whisking pass
When I will no longer ask the same old questions
"What have I done to deserve these emotions?"
Instead, now I embrace myself
For I have trust I have done well
I will not hold any grudges of the turbulence
For I have moved on with the choices I made in life.

I am not sitting on the wooden horse
Rocking in motion, but not moving in any course
With your choiced riddles, I have progress
So I take this Finale stand, and I profess
I won't be here, where I am standing
If you have not done, what you are doing and devising!
My heartfelt gratitude
Thank you in magnitude.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One cannot draw the time to a still
Say life ends now, as one wills
Thus if it is not nigh
One will never die!

Time is unpredictable
Don't lament on such predicament
Whatever life has to offer
Just a pinch of salt over the shoulders
It is never ever as bad
Thus take a walk, and be glad
For when the time is nigh
Be ever ready with a smile.

Time is nigh
Could be now
This morning
The afternoon beckoning
Perhaps evening
As night dawning.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hope All is Well

When you are sad, and down
You called for your friends, and they come around,
When you are back from out of town
There will be gathering, and all friends gathered about,
When you are happy, and chirpy
Your friends gave you a pat on your shoulder,
Your delightful smile, they love, knowing you are well ...

One day the phone calls stopped
There is no door bell ringing, and no knocking on the door,
You don't see so much of your friend
For so much to be done, and so little time,
Gatherings which you are missing out
Friends are wondering, when you are coming about,
Your delightful company, they have missed, but hope you are well ...

You sounded so mellow over the phone
So weary, and so drained, hope you are okay,
Nobody has seen you around for some time
Nobody seem to have seen you for awhile,
So much of curious thoughts lurking around
Wondering, assuming, what is going on,
You have been missed, and hope you have returned for good and well ...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Noth'g is What it Seems

The trees are swaying, but there is no wind blowing
The owls are howling, but there is no moon shining
The streets are empty, but there is a tiny ant crawling
The skies are blue, but there is a dark cloud hiding
There is a peaceful silent in the air, while the heart beats are fuming
There is a vision of memory in the mind, while the soul is struggling

The mind is an illusion, the thoughts are metaphorically created.

Nothing is as what it seems, so don't bother to think so deep.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have returned, after my brain went on a re-treat, perhaps a strike
A silent protest, that allows my brain cells a much deserving rest
A chance to "Think before I write", para-phasing my thoughts
To write what I feel, or to write what I ought not.

Nevertheless, I have returned from my Holy-Days.

Tiny Memory

It is a perfectly good day
Except the haze that is in my face
It is a perfectly happy day
Then a tiny memory, took it away.

Smiles upon my face
Blessings upon my grace
So much of warmth I can embrace
Then a tiny memory, took me to the grave.

Home alone, I slept away my wearies
40 winks to silence my worries
Waking up, tired and dready
Then came a tiny memory.

Why amidst all the happiness, comes sadness
Why amidst my dreams, comes ambiguousness
Why amidst my kindness, comes this tiny memory that has painful gestures.