Monday, December 29, 2008


From the bottom of my heart, I know my calling on earth remains the same
I will find the strength and the courage, from the dumpster of despair
I will find laughter and joy, from the pile of worries and stress
I will find goodness and kindness, out of the unfavourables
I will find beauty, from the depth of your flaws and imperfections
I will find peace, from the wreckage of confusion
Cos I found you, amongst the trillions of scattering stars in the universe
That marks another epic of journey that I know holds many more discoveries
I will find patience and virtues, in all misadventures
Cos there is an equilibrium that we can both achieve
After all, we exist to play a different role, to bring about the best equilibrium
We can create the balance in a friendship and relationship
We can find the balance in indulgence and independence
We will lead the others, who will follow suit in our pursuit of happiness.

I am not trying to be presumptuous
But finding happiness is really a hardcore dirty job
Everyone wants to have happiness, but not pay the price for it!
And here I am putting myself out into the mercy of earthlings
Been poked fun at, been mocked with idiot-craziness
Been put on the pedestal of silliness
Been taunted for nakedly wearing a heart outside
Oh damn, earthlings are having their fun at my expenses
But hopefully at the end of the era, they really do understand the meaning of happiness.

I volunteered to be put onto this EARTH, into a very strange spot of limelight
Been sucked into the emotional turmoil, and very passionate indulging earthlings
So I will remain here, until my task is done, and i bring forth universal meanings
Happiness will be going through many magnifying redefinitions
2008 will be partied off
2009 will be ushered in.....

Hold your turbo blasters, Commanders of my mother ship
As you can see, I am having a blast of time here
Just set up your telecentric lens and watch me sway and party
And hoist out a host of different meaning of happiness
Life is on the Go go go go mode
Share the happiness all round the world.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Things do happen in life
Sometimes wonderful, and sometimes not
Sometimes strange, sometimes really expected
Sometimes a lil surprise, sometimes just waiting;
Everything in life, makes us feel alive
Although, not the feelings that we sought
But we should treat all our feelings with due respect
For we are the living.

We know kindness beget kindness
Evil beget evil
Sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind
Or sometimes we need to be cold, to stay alive;
We strive for our own happiness
No matter how life doesn't seem to appeal
No matter how hard we tried to reprimand
At the end, we just need to survive.

Just live, and try not to make a fuss
Leave out the ado, and just live as we have been doing
Even trying to be ignorant can be totally bliss
For sometimes the less we know, the less trouble we are;
Live each day to the fullest, and have fun
Whatever come along, endure each day, smiling and laughing
Worries the least
As if we don't care.

Free the heart of any worries, free of the mind of the fussiness
Fill up the void, with ideas of giving kindness back to the world
Do good, and may all blessings come to aid, accordingly
And if they don't, never fret nevertheless.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Past, Present & Future of Xmas Coming

Whenever something goes wrong in our life
We want to search for an answer, to shed some lights,
But does every misfortune has a specific reasoning
Especially, that points into our face, and we are to be blamed
Maybe, something really is just meant to happen accordingly
Whether we are right or wrong, will never made any difference
Some strange twist of destiny and fate
It is now, and not before, or we will be late.

We have been hurt, we have been rejected, we have been played out
What else is new, the games that everyone naturally plays
There has never been a clear cut rules and regulations
Everyone is their own judge, and everyone acts upon their own emotions
All seem grey, and there is no black and white, distinction
And it seems rather delayed to have now a damage control.

If we can find something new in life to do, let's
If there is someone new in our life to love, why not
Obviously, everyone has got their own path to journey upon
Everyone has a noble dream of finding happiness of their own
As long as in that quest, we remember never to hurt anyone
Nor take anyone for granted, then at the end, we will have what we want
Let the sincerity shines through, and pray with our heart
And acknowledge the "present", that is leading to this path.

Take on the challenge, and overcome the fear
Find the strength, to ward off obstacles that are near
We can accomplish more than we did before
So let's look past the anxiety, and anticipate the success that is in store.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No courses, Just Causes

Each day, we are trained to make decisions
But do you remember if you have taken any lessons called "Making decisions"
Sometimes, we are put in difficult situations
And you realized that you don't have any emergency manuals to refer
There are self motivating, and self promoting books you have read
But none seem to have been able to prepare you for the worst things in life
Unknown, and unpredictable.

Whether there are substantial evidence, or none at all
We are required to make split seconds judgement
Then we learn to deal with the aftermath
More cross roads, more split junctions, more issues
There is just no ending, when the things in life start crashing in
Out of the frying pan into the bonfire.

There is no institution that will embark you on the journey of life
Fully preparing you for every possible journeys known to man kind
There are no courses, but there are causes
There will be solutions, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel
But right away, you will have to deal with what is the most difficult, first time ONLY.

It is always difficult in the beginning
Experiences will be acquired in the process of learning
There may never be any courses available
But there is always causes to live by.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Endeavor & Endure

How often, we strive to showcase the best of our qualities
Whether it is by choice, or chance, or it comes naturally
How often, we are bound by spiritual beliefs
Or simply by a principles, we live.

Building characters are not overnight success or failure
But accessing our personalities, is an outrageous violation
Often so baseless
Often so instantaneous
We are never given a fair trial
Whenever misinterpretation gone wild.

Human beings, full of emotions
Capable of many sorts of passions
Yet harbor many different faces
To be discovered at different phases
Whether it be from bad to good, or vice versa
Even friends around, don't give you enough credibility.

If we cried once, we are cry babies
If we are strong today, forever we are the man of steel
If ever once we accommodate our emotions to situations in life
If we ever change, to show another side of us
Be sure, we are never viewed in the same manner anymore
Overally, we would be judged and criticized, and much more.

If everyone can accept that we human beings have flaws
Then why would anyone make deliberations, which is uncalled for
But then again, it is deficiency of human nature
The inability to access without prejudice
The inclination to be over zealous by the power of authority
The verdict is often guilty without trial
For the damage is done....
Just endeavor & endure it all.