Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transition Continues ... Sadly?

It seems sad to go through each day in life .. feeling sad and melancholy
Seems wrong to have a day in life not being happy
Indeed it is purely a choice ... a decision to be made
For there is so much more at stake
Unfortunately, the world does not revolve on a single soul
How others affect and influence each other, even for such is a fool
And sadly, is the fool who tried the best to uphold
Believing that there is goodness and kindness that lurks, through the peep hole
But fooled is short term, for soon, will cry out loud .... foul.

It seems fiercely true now, how disappointing this life can be
Through the eyes to see, and to feel, everything that is as it is
The whole bigger picture has little comfort, but to lie through the teeth
May the one who does "wonders" be falling into their own pit
Lion's dens, snake bites, tiger's claws to bits and pieces
Harrowing cries and wailing pain .... is all so ugly wishes
Apologies not worthy, won't take it, so be it.

Transition continues ..... sadly ... yes for some, it is full of disappointment
The eyes could be blind, the soul could be cold, but the sentiment
Turning each page, reading through the lines, the stories underlined
With each stroke, erased, till it is pure white of blinding light
How sad indeed, when happiness that is so short-lived
Can it be sad anymore .... as faith continues to believe
The worst is not yet to come, and the best is yet to be achieved.

Transition continues ... sadly indeed for now, it seems
It will be redeemed, for what it is meant to be eventually
Bygones are not really gone, but locked and forgotten it is to be
Memories that never vanished are just drifting in an open sea
That is ..... transition continues .... sadly?
Maybe for now, but forever, it is never gonna be, fortunately.

Beckon tomorrow with a torch held up high
Light the path way, with that last drop of light
Brave through the dimmed darkness with the last breath of life
Transition continues. ...... sadly ...... nay.

Friday, June 24, 2011


It is truly amazing how people has the tendency to be discreet
To be able to fib between the teeth
To live a double life of pretense
In order to be socially accepted
To quote philosophically about life
With a hidden macro smile.

It is truly amazing how people never allow their true-self out
But display their acting talent, like an Oscar winning performer
Applaud and standing ovation is not even sufficient
To praise them for their undistinguishable act
Tip the hat, and bow in awe and respect
Done without much effort.

How amazing and honored to have met such talent
To be taught such amazing and enduring lessons
How it test knowledge, wisdom, patience and virtues
What amazing blessings to have met such amazing creatures
Such are things not taught in school of life
Least your educators are AMAZING.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


when i was just a lil kid
I remembered asking mummy why
she never answered and just smiled
now I know why
cos there was no answer.

now that I am all grown
I still asked many a times why
and I found myself dumbfound
cos there was no answer justifiable.

despite the holocust of it all
I still have many why's
yet to be answered
but there must be answers somewhere.....

I went on a journey to Why-land
I plucked leaves off every tree
every leaf has its answers
then I found a dried leaf on the ground
picked it up and alas, there I found

"every answer manifest from the why we have
we have the why from the answers we cannot digest
until the day when it is no longer a concern
as the pettiness fade and became an habitat of nature
the answers appear like miracles
needless to be asked at all"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Forgive me ~ NOT

As you are talking, am not just listening
Am also thinking (if there could ever be so wrong)
Am analysis (that is cos I am not dead)
But if that is ever so wrong
Will it be more wrongful if one is not listening to begin with....

As you are lamenting, I was listening
Thinking, wondering and problem solving
How to offer my help in the shortest time
Without asking you wait and hold on
Or brushing you aside with false hope
Maybe it is all wrong to begin with .....

Please come and have a sit on my couch
Lay down and make yourself comfortable
The consultation is free of charge
My time is all yours
I am a ready punching sucker bag for you
But are you talking heartfelt-ly or just granted-ly.

If I could record the conversations for future reference
It will be like karma coming around to haunt you
Like watching a movie repeatedly in your mind
The feeling of dejavu is overflowing.

If you are talking, and I am more than listening
Forgive me, I forget to turn on my deaf ear
If you are talking, and I gave you my opinions
Forgive me, I forget to act like your obedient best friend
If you are talking, and I am been sarcastic
Forgive me, for I am just being my true self
If you are talking and I am showing that I care
Forgive me, I forgot that it is not required of me.

p/s: As I was talking, are you listening
Did you think about my feelings
Were you considering my thoughts
The effort I took to talk in the first place
To try to set things right back into perspective.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Never would I look back at the turn of events
Cried over spilled milk, and wished it never
Lament endlessly, and having regrets
For any decisions made or made for me
Although I never asked for it
Yet it had happened.

Picking up the bags
Walking down the familiar paths
Baggage of crushed hope and wrath
Yet there is always a reason to celebrate
Because am sowing again the seeds
Along the way, where my tears will feed
And upon a trunk, my feet will trip
Oh ... a gold coin I see.

Just when all seems so well
Misfortune came, which time didn't tell
It is time to fall, and I fell...
It is time to cry, and I wept
Seeking daylight from the cracks
Sweeping dust off the racks
But far is from the hands of death.

Never fell beyond
Never shall be taunted
Although almost felt all is gone
When no longer can be strong
I was proven so wrong.

Least when expected, surprises spring indeed
Behind the storms, came the silver lining
All was meant to be .. just a matter of timing
No need perfect, just accordingly
It shall be, and it will be, surely
No argument, no debating
Greatness comes after a defeat
Coming from behind to Win.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Excuses or Reasons or Logic

We wake up in the morning, thinking
What to wear to work?
Which route to take?
What to eat?
What to do each day?

We have each day, questions to answers
Decisions to make
Things to do
But sometimes, ain't we alone .. it is a compromise.

Each time, we wait to reap rewards of our effort
Sometimes, nothing comes quickly or easily
At times, nothing at all
More excuses or reasons or logic.

Excuses are finding reasons
Reasons are being logic
Logic is defining excuses, to be reasons that are logic
A vicious mental cycle of dilemanism.

Some 101 lame excuses
Are plucking reasons from the sky
Without consideration logic
Some 101 pathetic reasons
Are twisted lies
Of make up stories of pathological liars
The so-called 101 logic
It is purely diplomacy
And of good nature.

Let it be excuses or reasons or logic
Where is the honesty in it all?
Will it be?

Friday, June 10, 2011


The noises of the world seems so much more louder
They hurt the head, crushing the skull, it is gonna crack apart
Everything seems so bigger than life;
Questions are rushing to the finishing line, scurried
It feels every step is falling in between cracks of the earth
Today, it seems life is too much to live.

Seated in a crowd of strangers, sights seems bewildering
Shifting in the chair, the world around spinning
It is a mad and crazy world out there;
Friends gathered, having a tete-a-tete-ing
Bombarding questions, and answers are a-coming
But the issues are going nowhere.

Clouded judgement in a sea of advices
Mazes of labyrinth in a world of twisted dilemma
Still back in square one;
Moving away into the solitary of the night under the moonlights
Under heaven's skies and karma
In solitary, hearing the sound of the soul, mind and heart as one.

The discomfort slowly disappear
Peace sinks in
Finally relieved;
Still there will remain fear
As it has begin
But have faith and believe.

Puzzles and queries all in the mind
Bits and pieces are on the table
Piece by piece, put together;
See the sun, see the sign
See the light, is not a fable
In Solitary, a perfect picture altogether.

It is not abstinancy
Just a little lack of perfect understanding
Just a little skewed perception;
It is not just a living ideology
But it is nature of heaven's gifting
That will always remain at all juncture.

It will all become clearer @ solitary
Never a regret, never sorry
Just as perfect, as it will ever be
Never as vivid as in solitary.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rhythm of da Falling Rain

The rhythm of da falling rain
Pitter Pattering
Raindrops trickling down the window plain
My heart start to sing ....

Rain o rain, why have you came today
When you have been missing always
Rain o rain, where have you been lately
I have been longing ... for you since.

The rhythm of da falling rain
Washing away my pain
Like rivers water flowing
My heart is happy that you came ....

Rain o rain, where have you gone
The sun is high and brought me drought
Rain o rain, will you stay a lilttle while more
I am happy as been before.

Rhythm of da falling rain
My feet go tip tapping
Notes are falling from the sky
Like rain drops from heaven's eyes
Turn my heart away
Swing as it is the best day
Listening to the rhythm of da falling rain
Like angels singing into my heart and soul.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Such as good fortunes come flowing
Rejoice in the moment of goodness
The blessings that are granted
Wishes that are fulfilled
For behold ....
The tide will go against
Will change
Just as when all is good and blest
Will come tumbling down and crash.

When the last grain sand of the Hour Glass hits the bottom
Will there be heaves of heavy sighs
Laments of hardships
As the harvest gathered depleted
The struggle seems endless to fulfill
The luxury that slowly disappeared
Adversaries gradually take over
From rags to riches
And from riches to vagabonds.

Letting go as ...
Tears will flow, don't hold back
Pain seeps through, praying for ease
A hat of comfort
Now a wreath of thorns, bear with it
Compliments and praises
Became cruel appraisals, acknowledge with a smile.

Taking a step forward
Realizing the truth
Reality is harsher than made known
Until the fire burns the skin, there is no pain
Till the knife slashed the heart, there is no scar
When it all happen, don't wish that they didn't
Instead, pray that they did!
For life won't grow without them coming right into your face
Flow with it!

Sadden by circumstances
Wearied by effort to change
Drained by negativism
Yet moving forward is inevitable
That as each day comes, live it
At each barricade, endure it
Forge forward
Never stop
Should the tide be strong
Set up the sail and adrift
For what surprises the wind might bring
To a new adventure, ahead

Till the moment comes knocking on the door
Live the life as it is today
Be prepared in the heart for the worse to come
Yet be known that preparation never served well
A warning is never there to head
Strange that the wrath of life comes, in lightning speed
Like a whirlwind, picks up anything in its path, destroy
Take shelter, and wake up to the bits and pieces
Rebuild, and start fresh, anew
New faith, new hope, new destiny
New direction as it FLOWs.

The pasture may not be greener
Yet it can't be any worse than before
Put in the effort, than to remain stagnant
Least not be stubborn and abstinent
Forward is the way
Flow away.

Takers of News

It is such wonders of remarks that come from the lips of others
Cynical, Sarcastic, Ironic, and yet have no self-reflection
The spite that is so spit on the face, is even clueless to the matter of fact
...... and the one who sat across with legs cross, sitting back, pressed lips of a smile, emotionless, and with little effort, nodded with acknowledgment.

It is such ignorance of bearers of news
Such inconsideration and high level of hypocrisy
Such demonstration of stone cold heart
An illustration of the inhumanity that could exist
..... and the warmth that radiant is just a disguise, a concoction of playwright actions and regardless of status quo, is just another portrayal of an existing lifeform.

The fireworks that lighted the skies, the drum rolls before the curtains drawn
The commotion before the play begins, the assumptions prior to all exhibited proof
The lifeless form, the latent actions of the takers of news
....... amused, laid back, a prick to the heart, a slash to the wrist, a missing heart beat, a sigh heaved and eventually, lifted a glass and toasted "Cheers".

For dear Lords, for dear Saints, for dear God
For dear all ye followers, so lifted your spirits, so acclaimed with renew faith
How saintly and godly are all you bearers of news
....... rejoicing in such thriumphant sound of trumpets and horns, of singing of praises, and braggings of good fortunes that fallen from heaven, that the ego is so swollen, that the pride supercedes humanity and fellowship.

Takers of news, brushed aside, ignored
Till the silent of dead night, realized
The ghostly fugitive lies awake under the graze of the moonlight
Flicker its sickle, gnashed at the happy celebration
....... asked then, for how long shall the happiness continues, for the soul to be contented, for the mind to be contaminated, for the body to be so vile, thus forgot to partake in offering to the one whom so forgotten for their prayers and well being wishes.

Yet miraculously, one shall said thou sit at the corner and not come forth
Your ghostly face, decor with lifeless expression, commanded chill
So silent, so quiet, so forgotten
....... is it not much simple to offer a hand to invite, then to ask a question of nonsense, as it is as simple to forget than to remember.

Bearers of good news, have thus spite the givers
Have thus forgotten the helpers
Bearers of bad news, have so often remembered the kind
But have forgotten the pain
The takers of news, good and bad, and all as they come
Take them all, bear them all, serve them all
With kindred spirit, humbled humility and forgivance.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Briio oo
Shuno e infenio
Hilo helo

Shuno fim eheartio
Cuemo e hal
Druno mui pelain

It en mui eheartio

Monday, June 6, 2011

Past, Present and Future

The evolutions of our life comes in the same cycles
The past, the present and the future
Where one is taught to learn from the past
To live the present
And be prepared for the future.

Some believe that it is the cycle of reincarnation
A soul returning from the past
To live the present
Building the future goals
These are the unfinished life time.

Dejavu is like a dream
Realizing the possibility of redemption
Knowing so much can be done right now
Creating a future that is far different from before.

"My callings are as such...
Dejavu at every junction
Taking the pain, replacing with happiness
Carrying the burden to the end of the road
It is sometimes a dirty job, but someone gotta do it
Is it a punishment, or is it a goal am achieving for myself at the end
I won't know, till life comes to an end
I look down from somewhere and realize
My past
The present
Now this is my future ... another calling ... another dejavu?"