Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Memories that we remembered fondly, are often painful
More often than we will be haunted by happy moments
That is the irony of memories
Our life stories.

So often that we want to run away, because it is painful
We want to hide away, under the blanket
In a far away land where we are strangers once again
That is the sad part of it
Leaving behind it all.

We don't know what good will come out of it
But we want to escape and jump right back into normalcy
Hopefully this is a nightmare which we can awake from
Wishing away each day and night.

Memories, what can we really make out of it
Twisted and painful, ugly and haunting
The scars not seen but it is felt
The effect more lasting than we want to admit.

We close our eyes and wish them away
Yet they are with us everyday
Sometimes we don't remember
Ironically, it is never gone ever.

Then one day, we look back and we managed a smile
We look out into the yonder, as we want to remember
Those times, those memories, yes painful as they can be
Yes, the scars, the cuts, the pricks, every single detail
Vivid as it was only yesterday
Admitting right now, as we remembered it clearly again
Because of the pain that gave us courage
That made us create a new page.

Memories are the most effective tool
That sharpens ourselves towards our goals
Let's not lament, ever so
Let's move on, and go
Let it be the fuel of our determination
Let the memories be the soul of our new destination
For memories are not as painful as it seems
For the rewards we have yet to redeem
Memories, they are indeed
Painful or however they want to be
Let us not fall victim to circumstances
Let us use these as our tools of tomorrow's success.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Let there be prejudice
Let them ruin the peace
Least do know, there will be justice
In heaven and on earth.

Let one be slitted n slapped
Let them reign with mishap
Least do know, short lived is those days
When justice will come the rightful ways.

Let one hold the thoughts
Behold the words at the tip of the tongue
Let the truth be written and declared due wrong
For justice will come out victor and strong.

There will be no need to pleads
As one will silently retreats
There will be no vengeful threats
But trust, there is going to be justice.

What has been done, it will remain done
The rightful stay, and need not run
The wrongful, run or face the gun
For justice is rising like the glorious sun.

Wipe those tears and braved the heart
Swallow the pride, but it did not part
Where one is fallen, there it shall start
For justice is swift like brushes of art.

Depart and go one's own way
Don't stand in the path, and don't even stray
Just uphold the truth with a lil prayer
If not today, justice will appear some other days.

What doesn't kill will make one strong
It doesn't mock, to admit one's wrong
Let's not dread for what is gone
Justice is going to take victory home.


Friday, July 1, 2011


Memories .....
Are merely stories embedded in the head
Black and white movies that played every now and then
Merely that, and nothing more
Another sad story that bring tears
Another comedy that bring laughter
Another tragedy that constantly remind
Memories, that is what it is.

Memories .....
Are experiences that are carried in the head
The feelings that are in the blood
That is all it should be
Not a barricade nor a sanctuary
Just another hurdle to jump across
To leave behind cos that is best
That baggage is not worth hurling over the shoulders
The burden is not precious around the neck
Memories, nothing more than thin air.

Thank you, Memories
Farewell, Memories
See you when our destiny cross path.