Wednesday, July 30, 2008

YOU asked WHY ?

Wearing the heart on the sleeve
Seems so very passionate and easy;
Everyday is like having love in the air
Charismatically, all the worries melt away;
The world seems to spin around yours
Walk down the street, feeling tall;
The dark skies seems strangely calm
The rain drops, resting gently on the arm;
Even the scorching sun seems deliciously sizzling
Nothing around seems to dampen the good spirit surmounting.

Then the world stopped at its axel
Pieces fall apart, and formed a puzzle
Storm is brewing
Rains are dancing, misbehaving;
The sun gone into hiding
All wonderful things have been tainted;
The heart felt the pinch, and felt the cut
It hurts ………………………

The heart is precious, and the love gracious
Why do others take it for granted;
The heart is vulnerable, the love is valuable
Why do others break it into zillion pieces;
The heart turns cold, the love atone
You asked why I have turned so cold stone.

No, I don't hate you, nor resent the memories
I just moved on, and this life have a different story;
Sad that you don't know then
Now it seems you will never know me again;
You never noticed me before
Despite you I so adore;
I have always been there, conveniently
But it is all right, I have love you before, honestly;
You think I have changed for someone else
The truth i have changed for you, and cause of you;
You just don't see it then, and not now also
That is why you asked.. why so;
That is why you asked
My answer is ... it has always been my life.

I used to fight for your honor
I am putting my heart aside now;
You asked WHY?
You have been blind to me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guilty, Without Trial

When will it ever come to an end?

Not everything in life is related to relationship
But the only relationship that relates to life, is its relative relationship to life itself.

Not all happiness is found, after jumping out of loneliness
Cause there is a someone who came and filled up the void
Happiness is found, after accepting every facets and facts of life that is right under the nose
Sniff it, smell it, identify it, and then embrace what the taste buds implies
It is then, boldly tasting all the adversaries, and sometimes the sweat and the blood
Yet sometimes, the sweetness and the kindness that entwined.

Nevermind, it would be a waste of time to testify against actions
Words are meaningless, if somehow actions speak otherwise.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Balance, is Oblivious

It is always difficult to have the mind taking full control of the heart
At times, it is so tiring and soon to have an mental stress, break down
But it is also not advisable to be wearing the heart out on the sleeve
The tendency of getting hurt, and disappointed, is more evident than ignored
Throughout time, both the heart and the mind, experiment acutely
A battle that seems to have no end, and only caused lots of confusion.

As we learnt to live life to the fullest
We also learnt to listen attentively to the logic of the mind, and the impulsiveness of the heart
Only with the wisdom we acquire in the live long journey
With a little sensitivity to the poor once-many-times broken heart
With the capability of the mind to evaluate the situation
Perhaps, we will be able to come to a conclusion, a best solution that would benefit us and others.

There is a balance within us, that comes with many responsibilities and consequences
Do we want to be accountable for them or do we want to play the blame game
Are we bold enough to take charge or we are too cowardly to face the truth?

The balance, is Oblivious
But it doesn't mean it is non existence
Life is not the X-files, but still the truth is out there
But only it can be nearer to us, than we will eve know.

Cheers, to all those broken heart friends
Patience, to all those self proclaimed lonely friends
Keep it up, to all those who are on the road of discoveries.

I am going to be around for all you, for the longest time, that i can sustain.