Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Earthlings' HOME.
Humanity's black hole.
There are many tales untold.
Much more experiences unfold.

 How is it possible that amongst such intelligence emerge championed fools
Outstanding success begets horrid stupidity

Hold the tongue of justice which is never as sharp as the jagged sword
Oust the patience and the good, and flocked in deceits and malicious whores
Mayhem .....

Of all sectors of the universe, this Earth


Friday, January 13, 2012

Conditions, Conditional and Conditioned.

# 14... Unfortunately, there is existence of "conditions" in the consciousness.

The principle of goodness is that all is borned good, till the day it all changed
Yet when changes do happen, it actually felt all strange, some felt estranged
Either transformation from bad to good, or vice versa
It is debated upon seriously, questions are to be answered
But answers are not answers that one needed to hear
The changes that are evident, are what one need to adhere.

What is more sad to acknowledge is that changes that are too obvious to ignore
That it has done more hurt than good, for the goodness is gone, perhaps not for good
But conditions have automatically slipped into the realm of unconsciousness
Permanently marking its existence, into the space of consciousness
Was it accidental?
Could it be coincidental?
Perhaps it is already a known fact, pushed aside till answers are accepted
The existence of "conditions" has long lived in the consciousness, only with some exceptions.

Exceptions are conditions
Categorization are exceptions
Consciously existing without knowing
The fine print that only surfaces during crisis.

Can one change the conditions into conditional?
Can one make the conditional into pure exceptional?
That with indepth understanding, erase that fine print
Live with the fact, and live as virtuous as one can be?

Conditional is mindset?
Unfortunately, "conditions" are as good as they get.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Heart & The Mind (R 1)

# 10 ... Heart is where the TREASURES are.
The heart speaketh & it contradicted to the mind that thinketh
The one who listeneth & became torn, and on the fence seated
Questioned the mind, felt the heart, & came now troubled soul
Boggling thoughts, disarrayed emotions & nowhere to go.

One holds no rein over the heart and mind? No?
Contrary, one have no wisdom to know what to do.

The fear had held back the freedom of the heart to speak eloquently
The feelings had stopped the mind to explore the grey area creatively
One became a hostage to one ownself
Not releasing the greatest strength and courage from within oneself.

The heart holds treasures that the mind knows how to unleash
But the one who holds the key, refuse to unlock and see within.

One must be strong to take hold of the thoughts of mind
One must be calm to appease the heart that will not want to be left behind
One must know which direction one choose to go
One must realize there is a seed of courage, waiting to explode.

Will one take charge and take control
Because the heart & the mind, they are one, waiting for the ONE HERO.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


# 9 ... There will be impressions, that are not meant to be everlasting, but meant to witness its worthy transformation.

Let's not make a mistake that impressions are meant to be worn like a masks
That if one shall see a smile, be impressed
When one is frowning, a sign been depressed
Every impressions, is a freedom to expressed emotions
Not a display at the masquerade party
Not simply to please the society
Not to be mistaken as part of the community
It is not a signature, it is not an identity
It is merely a transition, moving from one moment till the next, till it ends.

Let's not make a mistake that impressions firstly, is genuine
That the first sign of liveliness is the true inhabitant of humanity
That this is the reality that will last for eternity
For it is the impression for that moment, that one moment only
Least be analytical, rather than be judgemental
Least the mind be opened, rather than be narrowed down
Least the heart be welcoming, rather than be bolted and screwed
For the possibilities of changing impressions are like changes of the world
"IT" single-impression is not the whole
IT is merely just another facade, moving constantly with time, endlessly.

Withold the thoughts that spurred from the impressions
Uphold the integrity that is proved from the impressions
Witness that transformation that creates the book of a single entity of life.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lessons of the World

# 6 ... It isn't what the world is teaching us, but what we are learning from this world.

The world teaches us everyday, without fail
Just as the sun will rise and set everyday
Just as true as the rain will come after the thunder
Just as beautiful as the rainbow formed after the storm;
Yet, what we learn all this while...
Which has inspired us to live this way?
Which do not allow us to be united together?
Which has no peace and no calm?

The world speaks in a language so universal
That speaks to the entity of "us"
The senses that make our being
Us who live on this earth;
Like the wind that whispers into our ears
Like the raindrops that falls on our skin
Like nature that graced our eyes
It is everything of this world that passes our path.

Did we embrace the lessons from this world?
Did we just embrace the worldly things?
Are those the very core lessons of the world?
Or are those that answers questions only?
Lessons don't make us whole
The world only make us think
The answers that lead us to our goals
But which goals are worthy?

Learnt from the world
Mould yourself as one live;
Turn yourself worthy like gold
By being happy, and staying alive.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thou, Thee, Thy & Thine

# 3 ... Love is not to be possessed, but nurtured and to grow to all its potentials.

What is thy name that sits in thee heart
Which made thee heart flutters like wings of birds;
What is it thy name that haunts thee mind
Thou vision thine cannot leave behind;
At dawn, thou seems to cometh
Just as swift as the breeze;
How thou lingers in thee soul
Thee search everywhere as the senses soar.

Thee knows thy name, sweet with beauty beguiles
Thee knows thy name, amazing that life beholds;
Yet thee knows, thou shall not be possessed
Yet thee lives to watch thy name graciously grow;
Spread and go, soar and fly, be who thine destines
For the joy thou brings.

Thou, thee, thy & thine
So fine!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Struggling Past, Triumphant Future

# 2 ... The past is only in power, when one gives up on the future.

Looking through the album of life
Reflecting on the past which one has survived
"Wow! I have always been stronger than I thought!"
"Weak and meek, am not!"

Yet, remembering the time, when drowned in tears
Life was so low, could never have picked up from there
The downhill plunge so sudden, and drastic
The uphill climb, struggling and grueling.

Never looked back, and regretted
Now a pat on the back
"Well done, Hero!"
"I have strength, now I know!"

Flipping through the pages, looking at the pictures
Staring at the empty space, preparing for the future
With a pen at hand
Scribbling down the plans.

The experiences penned, only valuable when shared
The future noted, now possible, cos one is not scare
March forward, bold and wise
In the past one has been tried.

The struggle has been painful then, but not now
The triumphant future, moulded as a beautiful vows
Through thick and thin, through sick and well
Through good and bad, in the future, one shall now dwell.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Consequences of Decisions

# 1 ... This is a series of consequences of decisions
Do we call it Karma?
Should one believe in the supernatural?
Is it just un-solved equations, rather than mysteries of life?
Yet undeniably, this is the reason we live.

There are quests, there are ambitions
There decisions, there are reasons
There are consequences like sequels in movies
Ain't them all clustered in a soap opera of our own life?

One is always at the crossroad, beaten down emotionally
Wondering with thoughts lingering hauntingly
Tossing coins to make decisions
Finding ways to lightened the emotions.

Sometimes, one leaves the responsibility to others
At times, one is forced to decide, altogether
Regardless, one always will face the consequences
Whether one would like it or not, they will come under the nose.

Do one leave the chance of life in the hand of another?
Do one take control, and face all consequential weather?
Should one not gather courage?
Should not one be brave?

Is it this life not worth taking charge?
Is one ownself, not worthy being the STAR?
Act wisely, decide promptly
Do accordingly, reap patiently

The past may not catch up so soon
The future will never be doomed
The present may not be as of now
But the consequences of everything will be known and found.

Flip a coin, and take a step forward
Make life's worth
Rewards await
It is never ever too late
Reap the consequences of decisions
But let it be of good intentions.