Friday, January 13, 2012

Conditions, Conditional and Conditioned.

# 14... Unfortunately, there is existence of "conditions" in the consciousness.

The principle of goodness is that all is borned good, till the day it all changed
Yet when changes do happen, it actually felt all strange, some felt estranged
Either transformation from bad to good, or vice versa
It is debated upon seriously, questions are to be answered
But answers are not answers that one needed to hear
The changes that are evident, are what one need to adhere.

What is more sad to acknowledge is that changes that are too obvious to ignore
That it has done more hurt than good, for the goodness is gone, perhaps not for good
But conditions have automatically slipped into the realm of unconsciousness
Permanently marking its existence, into the space of consciousness
Was it accidental?
Could it be coincidental?
Perhaps it is already a known fact, pushed aside till answers are accepted
The existence of "conditions" has long lived in the consciousness, only with some exceptions.

Exceptions are conditions
Categorization are exceptions
Consciously existing without knowing
The fine print that only surfaces during crisis.

Can one change the conditions into conditional?
Can one make the conditional into pure exceptional?
That with indepth understanding, erase that fine print
Live with the fact, and live as virtuous as one can be?

Conditional is mindset?
Unfortunately, "conditions" are as good as they get.

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