Monday, January 9, 2012

The Heart & The Mind (R 1)

# 10 ... Heart is where the TREASURES are.
The heart speaketh & it contradicted to the mind that thinketh
The one who listeneth & became torn, and on the fence seated
Questioned the mind, felt the heart, & came now troubled soul
Boggling thoughts, disarrayed emotions & nowhere to go.

One holds no rein over the heart and mind? No?
Contrary, one have no wisdom to know what to do.

The fear had held back the freedom of the heart to speak eloquently
The feelings had stopped the mind to explore the grey area creatively
One became a hostage to one ownself
Not releasing the greatest strength and courage from within oneself.

The heart holds treasures that the mind knows how to unleash
But the one who holds the key, refuse to unlock and see within.

One must be strong to take hold of the thoughts of mind
One must be calm to appease the heart that will not want to be left behind
One must know which direction one choose to go
One must realize there is a seed of courage, waiting to explode.

Will one take charge and take control
Because the heart & the mind, they are one, waiting for the ONE HERO.

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