Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st STEP

There is a path one is destine to take, though with spikes and stakes;
There is a journey one is bound to go, where the brightest lights shine upon;
Forget the sorrow, look towards tomorrow;
Forget the pain, but fear not if it comes again;
It may seems hard, strengthen your heart.

Just one tiny 1st step ................ that is all is required.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Love only, when you feel you have nothing to lose
When losing sleep, doesn't mean much
When having no peace of mind, is nothing you can't endure.

Love only, when you trust you have all the strength
Just like you have all that it takes to be the greatest lover
That your love is ever greater.

Love only, knowing you will be able to mend your broken heart
That at all adversaries, you will not fall apart
Only to stand taller, and mightier, and be a better person.

Love only, when you don't expect anything in return
Neither would the other person expects anything extraordinary
Love is ever so mutual, if it truly exist in this manner
Love will ever be so blissful and joyful
Love only LOVE itself.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't Fall In Love

Don't fall in love
Least it will hurt you one more time
Not that it was intentional
But fate, has its say always.

Don't fall in love
Love is such a passionate crime
To be paid in emotional inflictions
Why it has to be this way?

Don't fall in love
Let's just stay friends
Let's be the best companions
Have happiness than pain.

Don't fall in love
Least, your heart can withstand
The future which has no affirmation
Yet it seems to beautiful simple and plain.

Don't fall in love
If you can control your destiny
Do put locks and bolts
Till you can find that perfect match
If there is any.

Don't fall in love
The feelings are so crazy, can turn tupsy turvy
Oh Lord, Oh God, Oh Why O' Not
Crash bang, bam crush
What is it with love, really?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So much thoughts that can run through the mind
like river flowing on a monsoon season
never run dries, till it reach the open sea
and it continues to drift with the waves
never ends .....

Time after time, there is a mixtures of feelings
a cluster of webs, a concoction of emotions
seem so right, then seem so wrong, don't know what it is
seems so bright, then seems to grave
just don't make sense .....

A heart heals, a heart finds, a heart breaks
such a vicious cycle seems to go round and round
like the hand of clock, ticking away
in a single direction, that won't stop
it goes on .........

Seamrog, how many more is left that can be spare for love's sake
to endure the more breathtaking breaking grounds of love's sound
each day, as it heals, it comes back again some day
each day, as it gets better, the steady climb back to the top
Oh SEAMROG, how it seems difficult to let you go.

Mistakes, Mixes, Misses and Messes

Looking through the pages of pain and sweat, agony and mistreat
counting blessings, that one is not amongst them in the pages........

Seeing the smiles through the photographs, and the sweetness been captured
saying prayers, to see sweet surrender, of happiness raptures ........

When enclosed by solitude, feeling blessed abundance of gratitude
then feeling fear, the intensity as it gets nearer, losing dear true blue;
That moment, a striking blow of self realization
everything that has been denial, is now in clear reflections.....

Smiles away, happiness will come running down this way
strengthen the heart, stacked up the walls, prays the sentry will stay ......

Laughter fills the air, brushed off whatever worries and care
cross the heart, and prayers, whatever come may......

When closed behind the walls, laid down on the bed, staring up the ceiling
solitude and loneliness is so much more peaceful and pleasing;
That moment, a blow of relief, like a warm blanket over the cold body
nothing really matters, the mistakes, mixes, misses and messes, here is an opportunity!

Seize, and kiss the rain when it comes falling
don't hold the thoughts, let them come gently.......
Behold, the chance been laid out
don't fear whatever the outcome, what is coming around.

Mistakes, mixes, misses and messes
as life manifests.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Time .....
funny how it would fly
sometimes, how dreadful it drags
but nevertheless, it does come to pass.

Time .....
beautiful, as we would take a moment, as it slips by
as the hands of ticking away, then of memories left
of precious feelings and emotion that will linger and last.

Time .....
holds so much of remedy that will heal the tears cried
or take away the bestest of moments cherished and blest
but understanding the meaning of it all, is trust.

Time .....
reveals secrets as it goes, answers to questions of the mind
sometimes, of things forsaken and forgotten, not always the best
but sadness does heals, and walls do crash, at last.

Time .....
does it feels like a second chance, to make amendments or just move forward in life
it is not the answer that one will seek
just know it gets better, it will be a blast.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Whenever, something doesn't feel right
Take a moment to ponder, to figure it out
Time to wonder, if there is a hidden meaning
Even if there is, it is certainly not a time to regret
Not even to fret, just reflect, on the good things to come by.

There is always a junction
A path that lead to somewhere
One that is old beaten track
Another, new and mysterious
Which shall be chosen, but it is all the same
It leads to a path of life, full of green pastures and opportunities.

Instincts are often right, even when something goes wrong
It is just steering one back to the route where it rightfully belongs
In the split second, it doesn't always seem so
But taking time to observe, and analyse, it is only the truth
At the end of the rainbow, there is gold
After the storm, there is the calm
Within the lightning, there is thunderbolts that opens the skies
Everything that nature has, destiny imparts its wisdom
Everything that destiny has instore, faith leads to freedom.

There is no such thing as failing, if one keep on trying
Keep the mind sane, by broadening the horizons of the sights
Discard the malicious and disheartening spirit, the light will come through
Put on your courage, slip into your shoes, and walk the path again
Worry not where it leads you, worry not what beholds
Trust that treasures greater than anything else imaginable, will soon unfold.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


There are times, one hide the truth and go with the flow
To just be quiet, and thus, go through
To be lead, mislead, and only just follow
A compromise, is what follow suit.

There are times, when a smile appear
The joy disappeared
The truth within is further than near
A compromise, for the one who is so dear.

There are times, looking up to the skies
So much peace, so much serenity
When all one is accountable for is just 1 person, only
A compromise, that doesn't require a split personality.

A step behind, for someone else to step ahead
Standing in the corner, looking on, afraid
Aching in the heart, with arms wide open
A compromise, where sadness heightened.

A compromise should not be a choice to give up to give in
To say that there is a win-win situation, with alternative
There should never even be a compromise
This life shouldn't be run like a business trading
When all that is required in harmony, is respect
That all are different and distinctive, and attributes of life spectacle
It is not about compromising
It is about accepting.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The EYEs

The small little things in life
That we see, sometimes so insignifant
That often, we disregard, and ignore....
The things we see, sometimes are lies
Behold the sights, which we have high regards
A matter of perception, so much we just don't know.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Yet beauty is the best tool to cloud all perspective
Ugly is the truth, as it seems
Is the truth of reality....
If we take a moment to wonder, and ponder
Then we realize, the eyes have always deceived us
When most feelings are ignored, then it is bleaks
A matter of perspective, reality bites.

The little tiny things that triggers our reflects
Our instincts, the tiny little voices in our head
All that make us stop a moment, and listen....
Shut the eyes, relax, and sit back
Take a moment, not panic, not fret, not scare
Be calm, and the true perspective will kick in.

What we see, we always just see
What we imagine, is more than just an illusion
There is patterns of information, entwined so refine....
That the eyes only see the shelf, but not beneath
See, but not feel the passion
It will always take more than the eyes to find.

The EYES, ... see?
But what is it really?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Why is it at bed ridden
There are much looks of in their eyes
The close family, kins, why is there grief

Hearing them talk, of the things which has been done
Somehow their thoughts brought pain to the heart
For they realized now how little the dying one have accomplished in life.

Many friends have come, even strangers came
They spoke of compliments and high regards, of the things been done
The temporary relief that they bring to close family and kins, short lived
Cos they don't see anything else beyond that small talk
They are just comfort talk
While the truth lies in their own heart, of so little been accomplished in life.

True, didn't travel the 7 seas, and not much of atypical tourist
Didnt unravel mysteries, and find no revelations, worth noting
Didn't drive a nice car, and just relied on public transports
Didn't own big houses, and rented most of the life
Didn't have insurance, least could be spared the financial burden
Didn't have anything, at least not tangible, that they hold in the hands
But there are accomplishments, they could hardly understand them...

The friendship that been fostered
The joy that has been shared
The smile that shines upon the faces
The simplicity that is in life
The love that is felt in the heart
Those accomplishments, that everyone has taken for granted
How blind can they be
How deaf can they be
How judgemental can they be
How sad it is to walk on this earth ...
How glad now to be bed ridden to see the truth in everyone
How this moment will be cherished, before the eyes closed
How detached they created with their ignorance ...

Soon, the greatest accomplishment will be a reality ....
Conquering Death.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


The 3 days haven't been much different
Days are still bright, hot and sunny
Evenings are cloudy, mouldy and rainy
Nights are not so quiet, chilled and lazy...
3 days into 2010, just as it was yesterday quiet apparent
Haven't gone a kilo skinnier
Just slighter heavier
Emotionally, still so much more happier...
Now that is the most evident
It ain't what matters outside
It is what is inside
The feelings from within...
All those emotions which are once hidden
Now comes out walking tall, and head held high
Gone are sorrrowty
Come forth now the march to the land of aplenty!

3 days into the new year 2010
Nothing in the world is about to change
But the internal consciousness
The consensus
That is what is going to charge ahead...
Whatever come next!
What may seems unknown and strange
Is instill with aplenty joyfulness
Only too obvious to miss
2010 has opened up a new pearly gate.