Monday, December 27, 2010


Nobody is perfect, thus nobody is free from making mistakes;
Therefore, why do somebody refuse to accept mistakes made;
Alas, refuse to give the chance for someone to make amends;
Instead only stubbornly continuously reprimand......

...It is almost sure to condemn the wrong to the gallows;
Blind to the goodness that will be shown;
It is to end a relationship, because of the imperfection;
Yet deep within themselves, they are part of angel of darkness.....

Who benefits from the perfection and mistakes?
But the one who make amends and partakes;
Who will not see the true light of sincerity?
But those who think they are right all the time......

The mature thinks they have seen everything in a single sight;
They know indefinitely, they are always right;
The childish thinks they have made a mistakes, wants to make right;
They will do so with all their might......

They can rightfully wrong the wrong, for their knowledge of the world;
Their wisdom wide, but their mind narrow to apprehend the whole;
The wise one is the one, who humble and admit a wrong;
See the truth, understand, and sincerely went along.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last Letter

There are those of you who are sentimental and romantic
Love so passionately, and seems so effortlessly
It is an innate instinct, you are born to love
It is in your soul;
The gifts, the letters, the messages, so lovingly ... pathetic
When there is really no need for such gestures, there are nothing actually
When in love already, is there a need to present more proofs?
Poor soul, those insinuations almost feels like the gallows.

There are those of you who are just playing it cool
Love comes and love will stay
Cos good ole love, oh so faithful
You so believing and trusting;
At times, almost feel freezing cold
The warmth that is not been displayed
Thrust the instinct into a believer of things beautiful and wonderful
Yearning, imagining, all the feelings.

There are those of you are constantly changing
Love swings like the pendulum
Tick tock, hot and cold
Good ole couple you have been;
It is good that love is still loving, heart break is still harrowing
There are always new conditions to succumb
Everlasting is evergreen and old is gold
You are no long SEVENTEEN, Please!

The last letter needs only one last sentence

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perfection or Perfect-Correction

There are mental simulations in the mind, of ideals
Preaching the perfect idealogies according to our ideas
As time goes along on the journey, there are discrepancies
The imperfections, that fall short of our expectancies
The steps halted, the mind wandered, the mind pondered
The breathing slow, the heart lament, emotions fizzle and sizzled
A wry smile upon the lips
A wrenching twist........
Perfection requires now
An overhaul.

Ideals are often so rigid, it is inflexible
Perfections that have no flaws, incorruptible
Beautiful as it used to be
Now seems gone, where is it already
In the past, the bygone
Almost felt wrong
A cut in the heart
Reality hits
Perfection now needs
Correction immediate.

The future is not bleak
But it is harder to see
Dark, it is not in this alley
But the future is hard to imagine really
The deviation from perfection
A thought that is hard to grasp, like animation
Distorted yet can rebound back
Humorous while it slacks.

The future is the plan
Perfection still likes ahead, it still can
Because there is a need for perfect-correction
Reconstruct the emotions
Realign the idealogies
Rewrite the language to suit reality
Acceptance of a new perfection
Starts with a need for correction
Ideals do not come and go
They just shape-shifted to suit the goals
Following the flow
Come a-new, re-shape the old.

Becomes Perfect-correction
Not a new concept
Just difficult to reach that depth
But life is to move forward
No regrets, improvement has its worth
Not for the sake of love itself, so naive
But for the sake of living the life of it.

It can be a crossroad
It can be a dilemma of a goal
It can be a roadblock
It can be a deadlock
It can be any obstacles one may imagine
Then why can't be it the possibility of anything
Is it not still a perfection
Just because it has been a perfect-correction.


Tears brewing at the corner of the eyes
Preparing to let go and cry,
Emotions brewing in the center of the heart
Waiting to let go and depart,
Yet all abreast

What kind of tales and story they carry?
Scary, kinky, moody, happy,
All sorts of everything can be entangled in them all
They tell much, and indeed much more,
Yet it will all be only speculation
When the ultimate true is not in confession.

Tiny trickles of tears filling the cracks of the heart
Overflowed to the cheeks as they parted,
Glistering eyes, silent aches
Beating heart, war wages,
Tears, what do they say?
Along the path, what do they pave?

Quietly, wipe those tears away
Silently, pray,
Slowly, let it all go to pass
Praying hard, this will not last,
Tears like rain, come and go
Like river, flow.

Carve the stories with tears
With little to be said, it is the only gesture that needs not fear,
So transparent, nothing is ever vivid
So fluid, nothing is ever so rigid,
And as Xmas cheers and spirit comes nigh
Pray and have a good night,
That tomorrow comes, something brand new
Who knows, perhaps one wished if only one knew,
What tomorrow may brings
Then it is nothing,
Even tears will fail to tell any story
Not even can create a memory worthy,
Tears ..... O tears
Tears so dear.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hands upon the heart, eyes upon the ceiling
Trying to think out loud, perhaps over spilling,
Tear gathering at the corner of the eye, holding back
Heart at the edge of cracking, let's make a pact,
Over crowded in a tiny room, clustered
All alone in a crowded room, isolated,
Hands reaching out to the sky, the heaven
Heart yearning for the promised haven.

Hate to be looking back, remembering
Can't help reminising, memories trailing,
The mind is speaking out loud again
The heart is rebuking despite the pain,
Words flowing out but halted at the lips
Walking on thin ice,
Waiting for time to pass
Waiting for time to appease, this pain will not last.

Looking around, the silent world
Obseving the noise, not understanding a single note,
Trying to understand, all the expressions
Justifying to all the desperations,
But the yearning seems to be coming to an end
Cross between, giving up, letting go, seems all in vain.

Running ... running
Ear plugs in the ears drowning out the callings,
Instincts are still haunting
Saying, there is no escaping,
Can't beat the destiny
This world is still waiting,
Mission not done, not even started
Difficult not to fall apart, because it is so hard.

Heart upon the prayers
Prayers upon the hours,
Eyes closed, heart melt away
Night after night, day after day,
Dilemaism is coming anyway.

All the things that have been learnt in this world
There will be a time to throw out the pride,and put it all to good's worth,
There will always be injustice, don't expect anything less
There will be some explaining to do, but hard to do the best,
There will be the greatest lesson to learn
There is nothing that one can yearn,
Give without expecting
No rewards is ever the exact, if not appreciative,
It is to do, or not
Dilemaism .............. it is a whole load.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friendship, Relationship, Companionship

Friendship ....
It comes and goes in your life
It is valuable asset
Although often not declared
NOT YET, that is.

Some formality is required
Some recognition
Some appreciation
Some expectation too

Flexible and accommodative
Come and go thought, often with a note or two
No announcement is required
Cos it is all done telepathically
No talking, no holding hands
No need mushiness, no need passions
It is all done naturally