Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friends OR Foes

Come in many shapes, forms, sizes, culture and personalities, etc.
As we called another human being friends
Other human beings calling me "friends";
We love them as friends "friends, etc."
We love them more than tht "lovers, bff, etc."
As they would love me in the same way in the end.

The definition of friends are just like parents giving names to their children
For each has their own personalities, characteristics and behaviours
Different interests, likes and dislikes, yet all are family;
For all comes with different expectations for them
That brings to them all fear and tears
That stem from all the bias and prejudice.

FOES ....
The only definition is when they are not friends but enemies
Regardless how much hurt or pain caused
Or how nice they once used to be;
The damage has been done, that is!
Just one simple clause
"Friends not, excluding strangers to meet and see"

Humans are so divided than united
Has so much to generalized yet complicated categorization
Wanted simplicity, yet complexities arise.

Ethics and morals, caught between wrong and right
Has so much to expected and yet unattainable
Wanted so much, but give too little in return.