Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Right in the middle of nowhere, and nothing
All your actions halt to a stop, feeling uneasy
You ponder for a moment
Overwhelmed by the sentiments
The heart missed a beat, stopped to beat
For this moment, a brief defeat
Tears flowing within

Tormenting the heart inside
Eating up the soul, nowhere to hide
And just out of the blue, it hits
Running but there is no sheds
So, the tears kept coming silently.

Emotions swelling up, can't really understand
They come and they go, without a plan
The moments of happiness reflecting like silent films
And the world suddenly growing dim
For that brief moment, surrendering
To the tears that are pouring
Inside, silently
Crying, endlessly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here It Goes ... again

Here it goes again .....
Packing up the bags
Picking up the pieces
Swallowing all the pride
Gluttoning all the spices
And finally .... back on the road again.

There it goes again .....
Lil monster chomping down the soul
Devouring the heart
Corrupting the pureness
Draining all the energy
And finally .... slumped back onto the chair.

Yes, there is goes again .....
Just got off the plane and onto the bus
From the bus, to the train
Riding down the tracks, continuing the journey
Vast yonders, plenty of plains, streaming rivers and rocky mountains
Beaten path, paved tar road, bumpy potholes and traffic infested cities
Crowded and loud, smelly and filthy
And yet, it is where am heading still.

Another transition in life ...........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HIstories Repeat Themselves

The feeling of Dejavu, is actually histories repeat themselves
So often, so assured, it will never happened
Nonetheless, at the end, it did, how amusing, how painful
The only consolation was it wasn't as bad as it used to be
As little improvement as there it, there is
After all, we are just never perfect, is it?

Long before the journey began, there was a time of reflections
The past, the mistakes, the hopes, the inspiration, the aspirations
Then the journey started, the sparks, the chemistry, the fireworks
Love, lust, infactuation, the flings and the flirts
What do you really call the feelings that spur at the moment
Growing in such great momentum
Yet for a moment, the steps halted, making a choice
The crossroads.

The plans, the goals, the ultimate of not making the same mistakes
Somehow only seem doomed eventually, as all partake
Histories repeated themselves, in their own manifestations
Everything has well been taken care off, adjusted and discussed
So diplomatically, rational, so logical, yet who would ever guessed
This would be the ending, at the end.

Some learnt again and again, rather painstakingly
But learning in life is never ending
Or would we rather be ingorant, point a finger at someone else
And claim ourselves the best, claim ourselves perfect as well
Who are to say that faults are within US (You and I)
Perhaps not all facts all gathered, unintented.

Histories Repeat themselves
That is true as well
The same sentiments, the same path, the same outcome
If there is any different, there is nothing to mourn nor talk about
But as historian wants to change the facts of life and history
It is critical to look ALL AROUND
Like counsellors learnt of the sub-conscious and the NOW
Every action has a reaction
Every reaction has a different perception
Every perception brews different emotion
Every emotions spurs different judgement
Indeed history repeat themselves, like a vicious cycle in life
That nobody can deny
We can do something about it, can't we
But did we do it accurately, precisely and correctly?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Differ, Defer & Infer

On the day, U lamented - someone listened, and others praised.

On the day, U sulked - someone tried to understand, and others despised.

On the day, U laughed - someone stood by, and others laughed along.

On the day, U cried - someone comforted, and others acknowledged.

On the day, U guilt - someone explained, and others condoned.

On the day, U stood up - someone applauded, and others disregard.

On the day, U gained independant - someone stepped back, and others welcomed with open arms.

On the day, U cried foul - someone stopped, and others said bye.


One man's meat another man's poison

One man's friend another man's enemy

One man's friend another man's lover

One man's opinion another man's judgement

One man's pain another man's gain

One man's farewell another man's love ....

Friday, May 6, 2011

A ComeBack

Hand in hand, arm in arm, that walk down the lane
Short lived, memories linger, it's life's game, the same
The many sunsets, and many sunrises, the ups and downs
And finally, all the roundabouts and turnarounds.

We will keep remembering, and will keep forgetting
Keep wondering, and keep pondering
But we always keep moving, keep going
This is what Life is providing.

Falling back into contentment, gracing for granted
Every colorful patches in the canvass, slowly faded
Unaware, thinking the color white is purity
But it was colors severity.

Now lay the canvass on the ground, trampled and stepped
Barefoot, or hands on, or roll over, whichever
Colors of rainbow, colors of heaven, of hell, skies and nature
The abstractness of Comeback, a perfect picture.

From a drop of glistening tear, from a hint of profound fear
To the feelings of residing pain, of distance drawing near
From the browsed knees and dirty hands, clawed and cladded
To back on the feet again, to stage the Comeback.

Walking down the street, head held high
Strutting the things, with a big broad smile
Not a shoulder of burden, so free to be loathed
There .... A COMEBACK!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There were tears in my heart
They kept filling up, till it flowed to my eyes
Couldn't contain them, they trickled down the cheeks
How weak I am, emotionally
Though I am strong, physically
How vulnerable I am actually
So shameful ......

I knew it wasn't falling apart, going apart
I couldn't hide the feelings that I have inside
Those mixed feelings
Now I realized, how irrational I have been
How inconsiderate I was
Till I was so lost
So dreadful ......

I dug the hole do deep, it felt like a grave
A quick sand that I didn't even realize
What have I done
I have done it, again
These tears were no remedy at all
Crying over spilled milk
So wrong .....

Never too late, just gotta be brave
It wasn't easy, but I have gotta do it
I don't want to run
Just need to stop this pain
Gotta be on my feet, standing tall
I wasn't this weak
But only strong ......

Apologies couldn't rectify anything anymore
Lost, strayed, but still fortunate
There was no turning back, but still a little light shed
There were hands reaching out for me
There were help after all
So fortunate .....

But I have lost, was seemingly bound to lose
I was full of hope, my mistake had cost much
Shame, shame on me
Silly me, naive still me
I could only hope, there would be
So lady luck, cometh back .....