Wednesday, April 27, 2011


See the smile, captured for the longest while
See the wry, long before came that silent cry
See that smirk, with sarcasm hidden
See that weariness, that treated with ignorance
All of everything, big and small, huge and tiny
Captured as essences of photographs.

Glancing through, the moments that have came true
Browsing past, memories that will last
Looking back, missing those which are lacked
Reminising, hoping, wanting, yearning
Stories that are written as images of the photographs.

<<<<<<< ......... >>>>>>>

I could tell you the stories, revealing within
The lines of wrinkles, a smile might be of pretense
The laughters silenced, the truth written
Lies and truth, weaved together, through and through
Did I hit a nail, right through your heart of denial
Did I trigger a memory, the untold stories
I smiled
I wried
I smirked
I am wearied
Every possible human behaviour
Immortalized in the photographs.

I can see you through the years, slowly disappeared
I can see then and now, that is sufficient enough
I can see beyond, but I am going to ignore
I can see, but should I tell you honestly
I can tell, but choose not to, swell
Photographs, oh photographs, technology crafted.

There will always be a photograph of you, you never knew
Even if I have told you, you will not see my point of view
As I pointed out to you, you think it is not yet beautiful
Even if I told you the beauty of you, but if only you wanted to know it too.