Friday, November 20, 2009

There Is A Moment ....

In the midst of all the bustling business, there is still time to sneak off for break
While all patience, and consideration piling high, there is still room to anger
In all happiness and joy, there is a moment of bleak darkness
Amongst so many friends, there is a time when you can't find anyone
While laughing, then come the surging urge to weep in silent.....

Everything is so glorious, but it does look very vague
Holding onto sanity, and insanity is just waiting at the corner
While bringing out the brightest sunshine, there is gloom in the shadow
There is just a simple quick moment, you don't get what you want
There is just this one spot, there is a moment......

Just to realize , that even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gifts of Christmas

The best gifts of Christmas
Are the friends whom I first met
Are the friendship, which was first found
And of all the greatest Christmas spirit
None is ever beautiful as just been there!

Time after Time

Time after time
Life has taught we much
Yet time after time
We are still ignorant to the lessons of life.

Time after time
Life has arouse much questions
Yet time after time
We are adamant to the answers we are given.

Time after time
Till the end of time
It just goes on, rolling on endlessly
With journey, a direction, but without its meaning.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


What hurts most of the time, realizing, all that is precious will one day be lost
Yet having that acknowledgement, we failed to accept
Eventually, when the time comes, the pain dawns tremendously.

What hurts most of the time, knowing, we can't have all that is ever precious to us
Yet so dearly, and intensely, we yearn
Eventually, consumed by the pain, and we are gone.

What hurts most of the time, thinking, all that is precious will always remain
Yet only to be surprised by the truth, or merely taken aback by the facts
Eventually, it is sequential consequences, that we just ignored.

What is precious, and why it is precious?
Because we once have it, and then lost it?
We never have it, and wished for it?
We have it, and not appreciate it?

But what is truly precious
Is what we could have given, but we kept
Is what we could have shared, but we didn't
Is what we have, and not even realize it
Is who we are, and we disguised.

Who is far more precious?
You or me?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happiness VS Joy

Everyone is looking for Happiness
It is an emotion waiting to happen
One is always pining to be happy
But hardly gets it
When it does come along
It felt so wrong, when it is gone.

Nobody is looking for Joy
Wonder if it is already destroyed
When values are distorted
Manipulated, aborted
The naturalistic value
The humanistic treasure
Over clouded by worldly things
Gone, are all JOY-filled and JOY-full feelings.

Yet, everyone is searching for Happiness
Which is just full of fantasies, wishes and emptiness
As slowly, and surely, Joy slips away
Gone and hard to find its way back.

Happiness is right under the nose
Just beneath the skin, just not known
Joy is right within the soul
Waiting to burst and glow
Alas, there are eyes that don't see
Hearts that don't feel.

Hello, Life
Howdy, Happiness
Good bye, Joy
Oh, Death.

Silence beckons...

Monday, November 2, 2009


I talked, and nobody listened
I explained, and nobody cared
I comforted, and meant nothing to nobody.

So ...

I smiled, and said nothing
I spoke, and but empty talks
I said my good bye, and walked away.

Then I decided to remain annoymous
I have been called upon
My calling is up again
I am amazed how easy it is to be contented
With having nothing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fizzle OR Sizzle

At that crossroad
Thinking so much, what to do
Decisions, upon presumptions
Assumptions, after deliberation
But still standing still
Fizzle or Sizzle .....

How long should one stand at the crossroad
Looking so cautiously, but has nowhere to go
Thinking so tediously, but find no answers
Questioning every gut feelings that surface
Till the end, still at the starting point
Pondering upon
Fizzle or Sizzle ...

Take a quick dip
Nip the bud at the tip
Fizzle now, then later
Hurt now, than an everlasting suffer.

Take a plunge and walk the aisle
Make a vow
Sizzle now, sooner or later
But there is no guarantee, just a gamble.