Friday, November 14, 2008


Everyday, we are taking a risk in everything
We make choices on daily basis, and split seconds like lightning
We bludgoen our head if bad consequences we have to partake
Scowl and frown, and throw ourselves off buildings, which is not a mistake
We laugh and smile gleefully for goodies and rewards of our own wisdom
Strutting, prancing, air in our hair, like royalties of our fantasia kingdom
That is human nature:- laugh when happy, and cry when sad?
Who said?

Sometime i forgot that I am human, until i shed tears
I almost forgot how it feels to have fear (shit fear)
So much that if i ever I am down, it is really tiring running downhill
It is much more livelier (being alive) to go up and feeling like a person of steel
It is probably as tiring but its much more rewarding
It is so enlightening, when positivism is radiating
So much as it may seems weird, the rain feels like touches of angels' fingers
The sound of the traffic, like heavy gushing winds, lingers
The smell of rains, the sight of rain, and the breeze it brings
The striking lightnings, the sound of gushing winds, a song nature sings
The people whom scattered and run
The cars taking a swirl and turning around
Bus loads of passengers, wet and sweating profusely
The stench of sweat and all sorts, running up the nose, so foully
It is hard to ignore the existence of life in various ways
But all seems to just pass you by, if you just not complain and smile away.

Since i do admit that I am 'human' after all
Although I do feel more like an alien, stranded and stalled
Is must be hard for friends to acknowledge I do have human qualities
I do have far more emotions than just smile and laughters, for starters
I do have issues to deal with, at work, with family, with friends and in life too!
I do have aspirations, I have frustrations dealing with it, like anyone else do
I do bleed when i get cut, my heart does ache when there is pain
I do have headaches, and shockaches, when I see the bills I have to pay
But does it really means that I pull my hair out when I don't have enough money
Or do I jump off the building when I have relationships baloney
Do I run and shy away from the society when I have a pimple
Perhaps I should get insurance for my precious dimple
It is like "have it and flaunt it"; "dun have it .. it should fuck it!"
Oops I am too demure to act like a rowdy, 2nd class bytch, cause I don't look like it?
Must I giggle and wiggle, as if I am wearing an uncomfortable g-string up my arse
Oooh sorry, it wasn't even a g-string to begin with, darn, lingerie outcast.

Well, I hate to admit that I am human
Cause human seems to live in a very sad environment
I so love my planet! Come and save me from Earthlings!
I can't deal with my own self-indulging loving
Cause ... it is like so wrong, I can be charged in court for incest
Earth and its habitants are in such a melodramatic and melanchonic mess
But until Mothership takes me back home
I have to shout on top of my lungs: "This is where I am gonna belong"
Yeah, it is hard business with human
Judgement on and off.

OMG- I AM HUMAN...........................
I am getting bored .......

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ladder to Heaven

Believing that life is wonderful...bountiful
Knowing that life has blessings come in plentitude...attitude
There are chances of harvesting the rewards of kindness...happiness
All seem so smooth, without rough edges, and so painlessly...easily
Cause you would not see the scars, the pain, the fatigue...of retreat
You would not even hear laments, frowns, and of disgust...crushed
All you will acknowledge is the enthusiasm...positivism.

Now, it is just another adventure in is no lie
There are phases to endure...ensured
More experiences to relate...after been created
It always start from the bottom, with the extra need to push forward...onwards
It is an uphill struggle, looking ahead and with wishful thinking...demanding
Along the way, hit by adversaries of all sorts...where is God?
Mentally tormented by the devils of passions...emotions:
"What have I done to deserve this?"- shit
"Am I been taken advantage of?"- back off
"Is it worth trying and giving so much?"- touché
"What do I have at the end?"- friends
Physically challenged by course of mother nature...crippled and humbled.

One could never please the entire
One could never do enough, and get enough praises...crazy
It often raised an eyebrow: Are you for real? ...surreal
People so skeptic, and so cynical of kindness in humanity...insanity
The mind so calculating and devising...too much thinking
The thoughts twisted in complexity...ambiguity
Every doubt raised another uncertainty...certainly
Every question raised curiosity...undoubtfully
Simplicity turns into a web of made to be
The words of mouth have far little truth...that have scooted
Actions have far little significance...drastic consequences.

It is hard not to be bothered by the things I see...crystal clear
It is difficult not to be affected by the people I meet...friends wannabe
It is impossible, not to hear the topic of rumors...humors
So I tug in my will...sealed
I held my chin up in what I believed in...firmly
Then turn every stone only to find the most enjoyable parts of life...tasty humble pies
So I kept on un-turning stones, and continued to be amazed by discoveries...stunningly
My ladder to heaven .... and heaven is on earth ... and earth is worth living...though tiring

It is certainly an uphill journey...the end eventually
I packed up my necessities...not much actually
Then I travel light:-
1. Light head - bald would be an option
2. Light heart - happiness is light weight
3. A smile - just a few muscles to pull
4. A soul - given free of charge
5. An advice - discarded all the time
6. A belief - written in the sky

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Than Just a Face with a Name

You can put on your branded clothes
You can put on your mink coat
You can be the devil in Prada
You can look pretty with Bobbi Brown
You can have fancy names that I will surely remember
But none of the above really matters.

I may know your name in all the languages of the world
But at the end, I may know absolutely nothing about you.

I don't mind sitting across the room, and watching
If you are talking, I would enjoy the hours of listening
If you are writing, I can't wait to see what you have written
And when you have drawn a picture, do tell me what it meant
I don't mind bumping into you, and let you stand beside
If you are busy running around, let me just catch a glimpse
If you needed a moment to take a breather, hang on to my shoulders
And you know where to find me, and just give me a holler.

It is not tagging your face with a name
I won't know anything.

I have learnt that it makes a difference:
In knowing something about a person
And knowing all their reasons.

I have learnt that something can't be rushed
All good and bad things, should not be disregarded and brushed
Nothing is rigid, and nothing is ever so affixed
All good and bad things, there is always something great
Not everything stays the same, and sometimes things changed
I will start all over again, in knowing you, don't feel estranged.

You are more than just a face
I don't really need to know your name
You are more than just a name tag
I can see many much more
More than just a face with a name.