Thursday, June 10, 2010


It may be fictional that memory can be surgically removed
Anyone can take up that challenge if one can find a doctor of that matter
A mad scientist who is scientifically sane
Or one has to be insane to be lured into that attempt
Then it will change the proverb "If only I can turn back time..."
It will be sync to "If only I fix my brain...."

Everyone is looking for the quick "fix-it" solutions
Technology advancement has made people lazy
But never too lazy to worry
Worry for the unforeseen
Quite a vivid imagination
But indeed the mind is a very powerful tool.

There are memories embedded in our head
Lurking in the twisting wires of the brain
Things, events and people whom we remembered
All which we chose to recall
Although some details are left in the subconscious
Yet they do surface involuntarily, it just happen
Which is the culprit of sadness and depression
When memories become visitant without any invitation.

It is mind over matters
Tell yourself you can get rid of them
It is mind-cum-will power
Needless to cut through the scalp and touch the brain cells
Least one might end up without a single memory left - pHD.

Why worry so much about the past memories
Filled up every crack and space with the old and unwanted
Worrying why they kept coming around
Why not wonder where to store tomorrow's memory
There is always going to be better, happier and brighter
Especially if those moments in life don't come too often
In a split second, the grandeur that won't last forever
What is worse that there is just no more room to keep
As swift as it comes, it goes, and gone into oblivion