Monday, July 26, 2010

L.O.V.E ...... again .......

Besides the over rated curse words of F.U.C.K

The exclamation of O.M.G

The next word to be awarded is L.O.V.E

Love can be used in so many occasions

Linked with many situations

Caused much delusions and confusions

Widely anticipated globally

Practised universally.

Cross cultural, cross the seas

From heaven to hell

High up lost in the outer space

Crashed on mother earth

The word L.O.V.E

Has been sung, talked, debated and yet intriguing mysterious.

Even a direct questions “Why do you love?”

Can create controversial answers

With ambiguous perceptions

To a more simpler question “What is love?”

Yet can be complex

To grasp the whole meaning of it

Means unlearning what is been taught

Learning what is unorthodox

Challenging the norm

Embracing the matter of facts of perspective

Expanding the mind, heart and soul

To see, feel, hear, taste and smell all the senses of L.O.V.E

The mankind has raced against emotional evolution

Has generated the maze and haze of advance artificial intelligence

Challenge every basis of science

Yet unable to accurately figure out the essence of L.O.V.E

The never ending quest that will one day destroy mankind itself

Or will one day bring a single human race up on the pedestal of OM

Very few has reached that heavenly stage

And those who have could never express the JOY

The contentment of life that exist

But its existence is within oneself.

The knowledge of S.E.L.F, the knowing of “M.E”

In the name of L.O.V.E, one must strip naked to bareness

To set forth on a path of shame and underwrapping the values

To be casted upon a stone of sin, upon a fiery shadow of regrets

Taking every necessary tiny baby step to advance

Over the next course of life, filled with pain, vileness, emotional twist

To gather knowledge so common yet mind boggling

Still not fully understanding the SIMPLE meaning

THINKING of complexity, twisted and in denial.

Everyone has been L.O.V.E.d

Everyone wanted L.O.V.E

Gotten into L.O.V.E

Pained and scarred by L.O.V.E

Questioned the values of L.O.V.E

Even prayed and asked HIM about L.O.V.E

Been taught the reason of L.O.V.E.i.n.g

Wondered endlessly about why L.O.V.E

Yet coming to no conclusions

On the contrary, much contradictions

Setting the heart and the mind, at war

The internal battle because of L.O.V.E

Indeed the soon to be ever famous word L.O.V.E

Have you not many times in your life has fallen into the wrath of L.O.V.E

Have you not once too often fell in and out of L.O.V.E

Have you not experienced L.O.V.E and still couldn’t get enough of it

Have you not told yourself no more, only to get involve again

Have you not quoted so wisely on the matter of L.O.V.E

Have you not thought, you must be the L.O.V.E guru …

Well all about L.O.V.E.

Still at the end of it, nothing about L.O.V.E

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Money Money Money

Money money money
All the $$$$$$$$$$$
For this, for that
For every knick knack
Including clean fresh air to breathe
Cos u can't stay alfresco anymore
1 foot out the door
Pay the toll
1 foot into the shopping mall
Pay more.

No car, take public transport
Sucks like hell, unpredictable like a womyn PMS
Got car, then price hike in petrol
Traffic jam, wherever there is road
Jamming on the brakes
Wear and tear of the car is unavoidable
Make an appointment to the workshop
Like making dental appointment for oneself.

Everywhere, everything is about money
No money no talk, no money no honey
No money no fix a thing
No cash, but got credit card, still can maintain
If no credit card, bad status quo
You won't get a 2nd look
The whole world gone material
The society gone mental!

Money, money, money, loads and loads
The next to worry after love
Stress and suicidal
Crazy and lunatic, from the cradle
Yet still got the nerve to ask "Why so stress?!"
So obvious, no need to even guess
Close the eyes, the images of $$$$$ will tell the rest
Who can argue, who can attest
Self induce stress, self demotivated, self destruction
Yet still want to ask, "What to do next?!"
"Where does all the negativism comes from?!"
Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Civilization has brought doom!

Darkness grooms
Evil roams
Money money money
It changes all destiny
The good vibes destroyed
The bad one comes to stay-ahoy!
Like pirates of the new dawn society
Poverty rocks the foundation of all goodness
Despite the remedy that is aplenty
But how many would lift the veil to see.

The mind is corrupted
The heart is no longer contented
Life is harder
Not getting any better
Behaviors changes
Everything is getting strange.

Money is the parents of mental upheavel
Money is the rootcause of all stress level
Money money money .....
ABBA sang it
We now all live it
Unless one decides to change
There is still help indeed.

There is always going to be an opportunity
A door way is always open for serendipity
Are you prepared
Or continue to live in fear of money seems so sacre
There is always a solution
Amongst evil temptation
There is salvation
With strengthened emotion.

Money money money
Sing your heart out like a song, honey honey
Don't let it stick in the mind and the heart
Let is part, when the times comes to depart
The world is a better place
There is still grace
There is still hope
Just learn to let Go
Don't question without the intention to change
Don't change without the heart ready to be contented with simplicity.

Go figure
The future!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YOUR Guess as Good as YOU Think

what do u think?