Monday, October 25, 2010

Life & Death

For one who is death
Stayed that way, unless one comes out from the grave;
To haunt, to hurt, to torment
To satisfy the old sentiments;
Least you rest in peace
Eventhough the soul not at ease.

Evil is not the one who died
Left with tonnes of lies;
Evil are those who lived
In all lies they believed;
In the truth all masked
That devilish task;
That would never come to an end
Till mass destruction is at hand!

Life and death
What is the best pick then?
The coward chose to die
The courageous chose to lie;
The victims are defenceless
Those who struggle to upright the truth;
From the death who couldn’t speak from the grave
From the alive, who spoken way too much to disgrace;
Falling victims are those who chose silence
Fighting hard to be resilient;
Hoping for the better
When the worse has subsided;
Wishful thinkingly hoping
If one doesn’t die trying to find justice.

Those who died, how ungrateful to life one has been
Those who lived, how revengeful, nevertheless;
There is no peace
Just an empty wish;
A dying plight till the end
The plight of the living.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Turn It Around - Gestalt Laws

The day turned out absolutely bad
Bad news couldn't get any better, so sad
Out of the frying pan onto the fire
Smashed, burnt and tossed all desires.................
But is it really that bad
There is a silver lining which the tears have blocked
The negative feelings has clouded
Do nothing for now and just calm down.

There are much hassles in life
Everyday a struggle to stay alive
Fight fight fight
Seems hard to do things right ..........
But it is better to get things done now than later
Later might be too late, and may be never
Never is full of regrets that can no nothing ever
So do it now, it is really much better.

The rain that falls, bring upon flood
Killing people and crops too
But it brought about a balance
Due to mankind's own ignorance,
The earth has cracked
The globe heated up
Mankind needs some warning
In the greatest hope people are heeding.

Saturday, October 9, 2010