Friday, April 30, 2010


The journey begins with a decision
Taking a path that goes forward
Wherever it leads, is hardly a question
With a firm heart, move from one point.

When the soles worn out, and stones prick the feet
Don't let the cry of pain, marks the any defeat
But feel mother nature rubbing the skin
It is back to basic, when shoes not been invented.

When the rain comes, and drenched to the core
Cold as the breeze blows right into the pore
Don't feel the discomfort that nature brings
Or what sickness the body may be inflicted
But every touch of mother nature
Is a blessing in disguise, as the immunity is nurtured.

As the feet is weary, and the tummy growling with hunger
No shed to hide, no food to feed, then a berry on a tree is a miracle
Juicy, sour or sweet, is little nutrient to the body
Blessed that the earth has plantations that grow abundantly
A tree of much leaves, looming over like wing of protection
No price to be paid for heavenly accommodation.

If stress can put a smile upon your face
Then the burden will be lifted from the heart in an instant
All good tidings that the wind has carried will be right before the eyes
Good Samaritans still exists walking amongst devils in disguises
Shall offer assistance in the oddest hours, but when in true dire
Take on the chance, and not worry what is in the future, but be inspired.

Pray a little prayer in the heart, and speak with gratitude
A little appreciation and simplicity, will contribute
Joy brings great heaps of accomplishments
As much as doubt can prevent resentment
Actions that spur from pure instincts can guide like the North star
The journey will explore the land of great grandeur, need not be far.

Right under the nose, just right yonder the sight can behold
Where the will carry the feet, and there the heart says to go
A strange land is not temporary, before beauty is soon to be realized
All opportunities will appear, and all will create new experiences
The new will come and replace the old
New chapters of life will be made and stories will be told.

Every journey begins with a past
A determination that the pain will no longer be a hindrance, at last
The will to move forth, embedded in the heart and in the mind
When no longer need to stay on and stagger behind
Stalled by a need, halted by memory, the strength lacking
The true potential is all within, but struggling, fighting
The battle between the mind and the heart
And the journey which is always halted, never start.

The journey is a stone throw away
That caused much ripples in the water, always
The calming effect of the ripples are the many perspectives
Of how one would decipher the abstract images of life
To successfully endure each obstacles is of great might
But to truly understand the pain and joy, is to see and feel it right
Destiny is to fuel the making of one own kingdom
Doing it all wisely requires much wisdom
That no amount of wealth cant deliver to the doorstep
But some obstacles and sadness, even DEATH might help
Yet how many would look at the journey right now, ponder and deliberate
Then dare to hail, "YES! IT's GREAT!"
Live up to its every moment of triumphant
Throughout the life, like a burning flame.

Thursday, April 29, 2010



What is truth is not really about honesty
Honesty is not about the facts that one speak
TRUTH is about acceptance and acknowledgment.

Truth is not seeking answers to questions
Not question endless and throw accusations
On what one does not want to accept and acknowledge.

Truth is an chronological event that has transgress through time
Of reasons, purposes, facts, all sum into one
Of what is now, the present, and not of the past.

Truth is our selfishness in seeking solace
Comfort for mistakes, that has been punished by fate
But fate is what one has intentionally created.

Truth is the one, one does not want to face
Always afraid of the truth thus one run away from
Yet kept coming back for more TRUTH, there is no TRUCE.

Truth is sometimes, nobody's business to begin with
Truth is just the way it is
Truth is something nobody can take it.

Find peace within yourself

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thorns & Roses

All dream of the easiest and the most luxurious life while alive
Of cocktail, mock tail, glitters of diamonds, giggles and laugh
Kicking back, relaxing under the sun, breeze gently blowing
In the open sea, under the clear blue sky
No a worry in the mind, not a burden upon the shoulder
Life is a bed of roses, a cushion of feathers.

All dreams will come to an end surely one day
For nobody is given the perfect promise of all glory
For virtues are to be groomed if not found from within
But often wealth and glamour are never lasting
All that last is a journey that continues endlessly
For life is a journey of many twists and turns, and detours.

Thorns and Roses
The silver lining at the horizon
The rainbow after the storm
The virtues of all experiences
The sweetness from the sweat of all toils
The happiness that stems from the sorrow
The laughters that spurs from the tears.

No obstacles are ever too great to overcome
No hurdle tall enough to hinder the leap
With a huff and a puff, with a pinch of determination
In a single bound, in a single leap
Will be the 1st step to appreciation
Be thankful for adversaries for the better things to come
The beautiful things yonder the pastures will be laid under the feet
The victory of all battle will come rolling into the turf.

Patient ....
Endurance ....
Ignorance ....

Monday, April 26, 2010


Regrets ........
Pain of mind on things done, said, experienced in the past
With a wish that it has been done differently
Looking back with dissatisfaction
With a longing, grief, sorrow
A mourning on things/persons.

Regrets ........
Pain that stem from the guilt of doing something
Let it be right or wrong
Whether the infliction is external or internal
The remorse that lingers in the heart, the mind
That is eventually muttered, murmured, spoken.

The memories which linger inside
Looked through the lens of a different perspective
The emotions which are arouse
Are different of those before
To claim its indifferences
Is a cover up
To admit its indiffferences
Is harbouring the secret deep inside the heart
Which is the real regrets?
When there is so much of comparison
So much of speculation and assumptions
The truth is hidden in the heaps of false anticipation
What is revealed at the end of the road is ................ REGRETS.

Death (RIP)

Finally death beckoned
Fate has summoned
The coward has raised the white flag
Be dead then!

Is the soul peaceful
Dying with resentment, what fool!
What triumph one has accomplished
What wrath instead been unleashed?

Can prayers sooth the soul?
Maybe so, hopeful so
So selfishly, the thoughtless act
What peace will one ever get
The gift of life, shall not be tempted
Regrets, can summon to nothing ever so great, nothing to beget.

Spoken to many times
No other more hideous is this crime
Bringing death upon oneself
Thinking this is the best way out.

Death is not self righteous
A violation of trust
Such betrayal
Forgiveness only granted from the higher ground
Yet R.I.P
Do as one may please
Such disgrace
A coward's befallen grace.

There is no salutations
There is no celebration
Nor will there be anymore tears
Once remembered, it will be forgotten soon
The memories will soon be discarded
And disregarded.

Death (RIP)
A prayer is still extended sincerely
But the aftermath will be difficult to rectify
Even death, so mortifying, the damage has magnified
In the selfish act of summoning Death to the doorstep
Such selfless selfish act, does it deserve any respect
The heart may forgive
But Death itself has turned into a gory thief.

Death ... Is it the true salvation?
Or just the doorway to damnation?
Death ... Is it the only option?
Is it right for one to end creation?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life & Death Pt II

Life so precious, so beautiful yet taken for granted its grandeur
Especially, when life ain't smooth sailing, and has lots of twists and detours,
They made decisions, which often ended up with regrets
Always wished that they have never done it that way,
Unfortunately, nobody can turn back time and pretend nothing happen
Cos it did happen, and the one responsible for it, is oneself, and nobody.

The matter of Life & Death
It is not a joking matter, trying to mess with nature's wrath,
One is no God, nor Lucifer
One is of no authority of that matter,
The rightful time will always come
When it is always least expected,
Play with Life & Death
Often will end up with only misery of a life time,
Death does not succumb to request
It's time is as good as anyone's guess.

Speak of Life & Death, passionately
Not with vengeance, so deadly,
For the curse will not hurt others
But the one who preaches, and curses,
The agony is 10 times many fold
Thus, Life & Death is truly a statement of the fool.

Respect Life & Death, as Mother's Nature scale of equilibrium.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Figure (I pray)

It is hard not to be judgement and prejudice, living in today's society
So much of competition, so much of comparison, so little of transparency,
There has been an increase weight of complaints lately
As compared to last time, everyone goes on with their life peacefully,
That is the era of glorious simple day
Now is the era of complexity of my way, or no way!

One couldn't help but to hear the loads of cursing and gossiping
Can be humorous or totally annoying,
Just the passing of time, or spiteful back stabbing
The variety of choices to speak the mind out freely,
Don't blame the innocent listeners, who are been accommodating
Always look at them speakers who lashed out their thoughts stupidly,
Then instantly, go figure the truth
On the issues and the gossippers themselves!

It is sad to know that the mirror only portrays vainness
Lying under the teeth, so much of self denialness,
The reflection is a split personality
Delusional of reality, and fantasy,
So see of nothing else but the ugliness of the world
Forgetting that one of the attributes to make it whole,
Or not realizing that one is the culprit that cut a hole
Spitting on others, is symbolically making oneself part of the cess pool
Go figure, such role models
With some psychotic disorders.

Many people kept asking Questions
Everyday is an endless debate like a Q&A sessions,
Yet so selective on the received information
For falsely wanting to appease their own ego passion,
The head(s) do grow bigger
Waiting to explode in the grander manner,
Digging a grave 18 feet deeper
The ultimate truth is too much to handle,
Go figure, before it is too late
Easier to look at own's reflection in the mirror,
Nothing can go wrong
Unless the dignity is destroyed.

Go figure anyway, before too late truly
The fantasy is more deadly that it seems,
While reality is not that ugly
Although it is just more difficult to grasp it.

Go figure!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Turning BACK

Everyone talks about the crossroad
All knows what it means - dilemma
Sometimes delusions
Also hallucinations

This is the juncture of hesitation
All know it is time to pause, slow down
Check the mind, the heart and the soul
Before, going down the road.

There is no pressure
Just lots of hands gestures
Finally ended up with the consequences
Faces them all like an adult, responsibly.

Realize that some decisions can't be reverted
For it has altered many people's life, for better and worse
As everyone learns to accept and move on
As everyone learns to be strong, and just right the wrong.

One can be wishful thinking, and be optimistic
That one is likely to improve from mistake
Hoping to go back to the past and start all over again
Hopeful that others may forget the memories and the pain
For the future now seems bright, once seems bleak
But there are times, there is No Turning BACK, once a choice is made
Thus then now improve and be a better person
Learnt the mistakes of not been irrational
Nor been hypocritical
Let's not point fingers.

At the crossroads, everyone has been caution
Don't make choices out of desperation
Don't make a choice when unsure
For the mistakes made later, gives no pleasure
Yet regrets won't help to make it any better
There is just No Turning BACK, altogether
For once opportunity runs out
Never play Russian Roulette with luck
It bits when one is least expected
But rest assured, there are lessons to be learnt.

No Turning BACK
That is one of life's slack
One can't change the facts of the past
Gain the knowledge while they still last.

No Turning BACK
Make a decision, and feel the burnt in your hand
Least be very careful at the crossroad
If not sure what to do, or where to go
Hold on, never be emotional nor be hasty
One can never always be so lucky.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Baffling people kept saying that they are alone
When they are brushing shoulders with lots of strangers at traffic zone
They are smart enough to know the meaning of loneliness
But not conscious to know the definition of it.

Strange how people kept complaining not been loved
Disregarding and disrespecting the love of those so close
Being so selective amongst friends and family
Including choosing whose love to accept accordingly.

Sad that people talked about moving on
But unconsciously, they are hanging on
It is a mental time bomb, waiting for a relapse
When it happened, it will all be unfortunate mishaps.

Odd it is, everyone can see the happiness in others
Wished that they are as happy as they are, but beneath ...
Nobody really knows the hardship others have endured
If one would have understood, would realize adversaries' splendour.

If one would start with oneself
Knowing oneself truly well
Of cos, that will not happen overnight
If for the passed 30 and all those years, it has been a plight.

If one would strive for life
Rather than just live a desire
Of cos, it is almost a delusion
Almost an hallucination.

If one would be open-minded
Rather than looking at other's behind
To elevate oneself with a bird's view
Then one would have complaints about life reduced.

If one can look beyond the surface
Scrap all the wonderful graces
One can see the burrs and cuts of life's journey
See how they entwined and become life's beauty.

One should question less, not seek any more answers
Git a-live and all answers will present altogether
Whether in fragments of puzzles
Whether in full frame of perfect pictures
All will eventually be revealed
Then be marvel, life's a great package and deal.

Git-A-Live first .....
Everything secondary will falls in.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tete-a-Tete (WOULD IT)

Won't it be nice if one can look into the eyes
Say nothing, and know exactly what is in the mind?
Won't silence be so pleasant, when nothing is needed to say
Just hold hands, kiss, hugs and be laid back?
Won't there be no more fights and arguments
When we can silently speak with the heart the sentiments?
Won't it be so easy, if we can let go of all the fear
With just a smile, and everything will be crystal clear?
Would it hurt so much to tell the truth
Or would it hurt much more to be untrue?

Won't it be lovely, if one can see love in the eyes
The sparkle, the glitter, that shimmering light like diamonds...
Won't it be so pleasant to be gently touched by the wind
With whispers of loveliness prancing in the air.....
Won't it be so noisily chirpily happy
To hear the sound of the voices ever so mesmerising....
Won't it such a relief if one can let go of everything
Speak so freely of what is abreast, instead of fretting....
Would it be pure honesty
When one could just have a simple tete-a-tete.

It is so easy to say "I Love you"
But it is so hard to say "I have got something to say to you"
Only because what one has to say is not too pleasant to the ears
But it is so important that the love one needs to know and hear
It is so easy to fall in love
But it is so hard to keep the feeling all alive and above
Only because it takes too much effort to rectify a thing said wrong
But it is only too critical that one knows to make it all strong.

Everyone's Looking

"Everybody's looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete
You find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be"
........ Westlife - Flying Without Wings

Everyone's looking
Looking for someone to share their dreams
To share everything in their life that is worth it
To love and be loved in return
To spend the rest of their life together, growing old and gray.

Everyone's looking and complaining
Things are never as beautiful as they seems
Especially when what they looking for, they can't find
But instead get hurted and burnt
Then prayed, why their prayers aren't been answered anyway.

Everyone's looking and wanting
That very thing that makes them so complete
Thinking that the happiness is finding someone/something
But haven't one look within oneself and ask ....
What really makes them happy, is it from others?

Everyone's looking externally
Hardly looked within
It isn't what one think, but how one think
For without anyone/ someone, life continues and will last
Why wait for others, when it is actually within oneself.

Everyone's looking all around
Searching with their eyes
Thinking with their heart
Plague by desires
While the simplest happiness is right under one's nose.

Everyone's looking for someone to come about
So nearby, yet can't be forsaken and denied
Can walk away, and be departed
Give the cold shoulders and put out the fire
So far fetched, when it is really so close.

Everyone's looking ... just like the song says
Looking out for the same dreams, and same signs
It becomes part of life's traditions...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Think Once! Think Twice? Think Thrice?!

Think once, but not impulsive
Not act compulsive
But attentive
Then it will be all right.

Think twice, only when doubt strikes
There is a dilemma of wrong and right
A matter of life and death is no laughing matter
Much consideration has to be looked into
Otherwise, will end up having regrets.

Think thrice .......
It is not been hasty, nor thinking through
It is about been in a state of confusion
Seeking the perfect and ideal answer
Which is never available
But if ever this happen
Walk away, nothing good is going to come out of it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Giving Everything

There is so much to give, to the one person whom is very deserving
There is so much to enjoy in life, otherwise, there is no worth living
Virtues are many, but those accepted are very few actually
The norms are the abnormalities, that cause one to be alienated silently.

In the heart, there is emptiness that is just filled with everything
The satisfaction is the joy that one can gives in the name of belief
Giving everything is self sacrificial and noble
But not the best, for it is nothing but empty false hope.

No amount of words are greater, than any actions acted upon
No actions are enough, if not stronger than words been uttered
There is no evidence, no credentials, not even in giving everything
Because the best is not in everything, but in small little things unseen.

There is far more greater things not said, than spoken
There are better values, so precious, though not seen nor witnesses
Will one ever has the chance to see the real soul, the real person within
Very often YES, but also very often ignored, as it vanished into open air.

Giving everything is not given the best
Giving everything is not to expect, but to give respect
To gain nothing is only the oblivious
For what is gained, is only crystalized obvious.

Hands are offered, shoulders lend
Vows given, on knees bend
Rings slipped through the fingers
Pledgs to stay together
Giving everything is merely a respectful gesture
For the destiny is watching, while moulding the future.

Take what is given, but given is in respect
Not that it is expected, but for it is one who less expect
Give what is not asked, for it is so willing
But willing is not for the sake of love, but merely giving freely
For not everything is the value that can be measured and observed
For something is so miniscure, it seems obscured, but has a zillion worth
Will one ever be so attentive to know and sense it
Or one is so clouded by a self need and dignity, it will be amiss.

Don't look upon the faces of the value
Nor upon the values of virtues
If all is merely to be taken for granted
Merely forsaken, and disregarded.

Rambling thoughts, may not have a causation
Just generalization
For reality is one should be able to see
Act accordingly, before it is too late to do anything.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Things Always Happen

It is ironic that when good things happen and make one so happy
Bad things happen and make one so depressing
Then the bad moon falls out the sky, and suddenly, one realized
Something just happened
One slaps the wrist and bummer on the head
Damn, why didn't one even noticed the blessings.

It is ironic when one is happy, nothing ever seems bad
But when unhappy, everything good can be ever so unpleasant
Then the good tidings run off shore and left is debris of happiness
Which are just remains of nothing but sore memories
Of mistakes, of consequences
Damn, why didn't one even make the best of everything.

Good things always happen
Even when one is crying, remember those who lend their shoulders
Even when one is in agony, remember those who offered their hands
When one is in dire poverty, remember those simple foods on the table
Then all clouds of doubts and hardships roll away
They will do go away, in just a matter of time.

Good things always come to those who have the patience
To those who are open to different perspectives
To those who has the courage to turn the table around
To those who knows that nothing comes easy without a fight
To those who do not fret in the eye of danger and hardship.

Good things always Happen ........
But the choice is a matter of perspective
Perspective is a free will
Free will is a free choice.

Bad things are just waiting to happen
When one has the guard down
But good things always have a way of winning
The only strategy is a smile, a hope, a want to succeed
All is within the heart, the soul, the mind
Good things are just hidden in the haystack of bad things
Like treasures .. throngs of treasures to be discovered.

Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Contrary - Just Contradiction

It must have happened before
One minute one is fine, the next not
One minute one likes, then one loves
A moment one is infactuated, then gone
That just made one kind of confused.

On the contrary - just the contradiction
One knows exactly what one wants
Know what is desirable
It is just the situation presents itself differently
Tempting, alluring, so much of choices
Almost feels like a big dilemma.

Many said it is the battle of the heart and the mind
The emotion versus the logic
Who will ever win?
Aint it just ONE PERSON
Whether using the brain or using the heart
Just what is the consequences
Is the brain witty enough to overcome it
Or the heart strong.

On the contrary - just the contradiction
One just want everything in the checklist
And the gifts that are presented are just not it
Choosy Choosy Freaky Picky!
Ended up with nobody and nothing
Whether follow the heart or the mind
Ended up with heart ache and headache
Why be so hard upon oneself?
Is there no love and mercy for oneself so truly deserving

Listen to your heart, heeds the advice of the mind
There is no contradiction, on the contrary
They are working so well together
But the captain of the entire system is just one very confused person!