Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thou, Thee, Thy & Thine

# 3 ... Love is not to be possessed, but nurtured and to grow to all its potentials.

What is thy name that sits in thee heart
Which made thee heart flutters like wings of birds;
What is it thy name that haunts thee mind
Thou vision thine cannot leave behind;
At dawn, thou seems to cometh
Just as swift as the breeze;
How thou lingers in thee soul
Thee search everywhere as the senses soar.

Thee knows thy name, sweet with beauty beguiles
Thee knows thy name, amazing that life beholds;
Yet thee knows, thou shall not be possessed
Yet thee lives to watch thy name graciously grow;
Spread and go, soar and fly, be who thine destines
For the joy thou brings.

Thou, thee, thy & thine
So fine!

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