Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lessons of the World

# 6 ... It isn't what the world is teaching us, but what we are learning from this world.

The world teaches us everyday, without fail
Just as the sun will rise and set everyday
Just as true as the rain will come after the thunder
Just as beautiful as the rainbow formed after the storm;
Yet, what we learn all this while...
Which has inspired us to live this way?
Which do not allow us to be united together?
Which has no peace and no calm?

The world speaks in a language so universal
That speaks to the entity of "us"
The senses that make our being
Us who live on this earth;
Like the wind that whispers into our ears
Like the raindrops that falls on our skin
Like nature that graced our eyes
It is everything of this world that passes our path.

Did we embrace the lessons from this world?
Did we just embrace the worldly things?
Are those the very core lessons of the world?
Or are those that answers questions only?
Lessons don't make us whole
The world only make us think
The answers that lead us to our goals
But which goals are worthy?

Learnt from the world
Mould yourself as one live;
Turn yourself worthy like gold
By being happy, and staying alive.

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