Sunday, January 8, 2012


# 9 ... There will be impressions, that are not meant to be everlasting, but meant to witness its worthy transformation.

Let's not make a mistake that impressions are meant to be worn like a masks
That if one shall see a smile, be impressed
When one is frowning, a sign been depressed
Every impressions, is a freedom to expressed emotions
Not a display at the masquerade party
Not simply to please the society
Not to be mistaken as part of the community
It is not a signature, it is not an identity
It is merely a transition, moving from one moment till the next, till it ends.

Let's not make a mistake that impressions firstly, is genuine
That the first sign of liveliness is the true inhabitant of humanity
That this is the reality that will last for eternity
For it is the impression for that moment, that one moment only
Least be analytical, rather than be judgemental
Least the mind be opened, rather than be narrowed down
Least the heart be welcoming, rather than be bolted and screwed
For the possibilities of changing impressions are like changes of the world
"IT" single-impression is not the whole
IT is merely just another facade, moving constantly with time, endlessly.

Withold the thoughts that spurred from the impressions
Uphold the integrity that is proved from the impressions
Witness that transformation that creates the book of a single entity of life.

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